Glen Adelbert Roser Jr.

October 27, 1941 - October 29, 2022
Glen Adelbert Roser Jr. aka G.R. 1941-2022
Glen was the first son of seven born to Francis Kane Roser and Glen Adelbert Roser Sr. on October 27, 1941. He attended Cathedral Catholic Elementary school then went on to attend Judge Memorial High School graduating in 1959.
He enlisted in the U.S. Army stationed at Fort Douglas in Salt Lake City and served as a Green Beret in Special Forces until 1965. He also attended the University of Utah, graduating with his bachelor's degree in pollical science in 1968.
He worked for his grandfather's company, the Louis A. Roser Refrigeration Company starting at the age of 14. This is also where much of his legacy evolved. He learned the business well and became very respected in his field. He gave anyone a chance and that would carry as a life pass, for most. Trust was earned. However, if you were on his side, he would make sure your family became just as important as his own. He retired after 50 years as General Manager/President.
As a young boy and then teenager when he wasn't working in the family business he spent many hours with his paternal grandfather Louie, his dad and his cousins Alan and John Roser hunting and fishing. He learned patience and a tolerance for the cold waiting for the illusive pheasant or sitting in his grandfather's duck blind looking for the perfect mallard.
Glen married his high school sweetheart Anita Tezak in 1963. He would claim his early childhood sweetheart, but it took time for Anita to match his view. Anita died from Hodgkin disease in 1965. He mourned Anita's death all of his life and at the end of his own life, Glen fervently wished to be reunited with her again. Glen and Anita had a daughter, Mary Elizabeth, in 1964. Marykins had severe disabilities and died in 1976. A sadness that Glen carried all of his life.
Glen married Barbara Ann Harlin in 1973 and then later adopted three amazing children, Evan (Michelle), Bart, and Catherine Oliver (Bret). Glen and Barbara later divorced but proudly continued to raise their children keeping the interest of the family they choose as first priority.
There was nothing more important to Glen then his family. Besides the family he grew himself or the one that was made for him, he had the Salt Lake Country Club family where the 19 hole was a safe place to share many laughs for many years. He had his fly-fishing family. The Roser company family. And the Harlin family were his brother Bill and WP had crazy fun stories that were shared often with great pride and laughter.
GR has left so many with memories that bring a genuine smile. His love was strong and wide he cared little about your life stats and focused more on who you are. He took great pride in listening and wanted everyone to fool included or special. It worked. His generosity was large and his need to be recognized annoyed him. He was genuine. He didn't give, help or advise to be a part of a story just wanted you to have a chance of making your own.
He enjoyed traveling to interesting places, making sure the golf had a strong story line. He easily made friends anywhere he was. Some of his favorite destinations were Ireland and New Zealand.
He cared so deeply for his sisters his love and loyalty were always present. Each of them knew they could always run to him with any problem, place to live, a loan or just a sympathetic ear.
He is sorely missed. He felt treasured by them, very spoiled and spoke proudly about them when sharing a story.
Glen married Sherry Sabol in 1998 and later divorced.
He is remembered by his sisters, Dorothy Mabey (Ren), Mary Katherine Micallef (James), Francie Barber (Craig Cheney), Barbara (Douglas Liddiard), Patricia (Andrew Langford), his children, nine grandchildren, Jade, Elijah, Kennedy, Sia, Ashley, Sheradyn, Afton, Riley, Ollie, two great grandchildren, Nora, Beckett, nieces and nephews and his little fur daughter Bandit.
He was preceded in death by his Father Glen A Roser Sn., Mother Frances Kane Roser and younger brother Thomas Francis Roser, grandparents, numerous aunts and uncles, many friends.
Glen's siblings would like to thank his daughter Catherine and son-in-law Bret Oliver for their selfless compassionate care for their brother during his illness.
Many laughs were loud, the ocean was called often, and the trust will never be taken lightly thank you dad for providing the life you gave others, the stories that will live far past your children's lives and for showing all of us what kindness and love looks like in your eyes as they live strong in ours. Dance like you can fly, sing as loud as you can, and guide us from afar when we are hesitating in our own story. Thank you for allowing the word dad, grandpa and GR to fall from our mouths. Your wisdom, corny jokes and smile is missed. You didn't think it could happen I will advise you sometimes you were wrong.
Thank you, Megan Puckett for helping his healthcare to be in good, trusted hands. Thank you CNS for allowing dad safety on his closing hours.
A celebration of life will be held on January 7, 2023 from 5:00-7:00 PM, at Sparks Funeral Parlor in Salt Lake City. In lieu of flowers the family wishes donations in Glen's name to be made to any charity that calls your interest. He didn't limit himself to anyone he liked them all.
" All our love Jug, see you on the other side."