Thank You Cards

July 2, 2024


Dear Shayneh and Jason,

Thank you for conducting such a lovely, memorable, personal and professional "send off" for George. We were all so impressed and grateful to each of you and your staff's hard work and contributions. What a wonderful team. 


Many Blessings, 

— Mary Frances

June 11, 2024

Dear Jason and Shayneh,

Thank you so much for your impecible attention to detail at my uncle's service, Msgr. Davich. You really went above and beyond and I can't tell you how much our family appreciated it! Wow... lovely!! Well done - all of it. 


Best Wishes, 

— Julianne

June 18, 2024


Thank you, Jason and Shayneh, for the awesome job you did with the funeral arrangements for my husband, Benito Lozano. Your compassion and kindness throughout makes the loss of a loved one easier to accept. 


— Lucy Lozano

June 22, 2024


Shayneh and Jason -

In the days after Bob's funeral (Feb 2022) we watched the video you put together for his funeral often with lots of tears. 

I then put it away but on June 16, Father's day, and what would be our 51st wedding anniversary, I played the DVD and poured myself a glass with wine. 

Still tears - but 29 months later some laughter, chuckles and smiles and so much gratitude for the wonderfuk man God gace me. Treasured memories. Thank you and your staff. 


— Cece Holt

May 27, 2024


This year marks the end of my late husband's death. I'd love to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your support and treasures from you throughout the year. 


Much love, 

— Laura Bledsoe

May 21, 2024 

I wanted to reach out again and thank you for all your thoughtfulness. The cards and booklets are sto me have been wonderful. You always remember not only the names but the dookers youves wite such touching messages that are so meaningful and heartfelt. I cry while reating at the cards and bookiets cover to cover and then eread them over and over. They have all been a great help with the grief that has been so prevalent this past year.
I wanted to tell you what my mother had to say about all of you. I took her to her doctor apointment and the doctor told her that her heart rate was low. She said pacemaker low. stom told her "Well, I'm not going to get a pacemaker, so I guess we better go see Starks." The doctor asked her if Starks was a mortuary and Mom said "No, it's a Funeral Parlor." The doctor asked if there was a difference and mom said emphatically "Yes, there is a difference!". And proceeded to sing your praises. I guess when it is her time we will be calling Starks Funeral Parlor. (Mom will be 98 on the 31 of May)

I felt very comfortable entrusting you with Bob. You seemed to be so compassionate and understood what a hard thing that is to do, and I knew you would treat him with respect. In all the times I have either talked to you or written to you I have never commented on how nice we all thought Bob looked that night. I hadn't wanted to take any pictures of him in the coffin, but my kids took a few because they wanted some. After a while I was able to look at them and realized what a great job you had done, he looked at peace and finally not in any pain, we were able to be there with him and feel comfort. And the placement of the golf equipment was perfect.
While remembering about the night Bob died, I remember how thoughtful and nice the two gentlemen were who came to get Bob. We should have thought more and moved our cars to make it easier for them, we weren't thinking clearly that night. I guess they understood. The one man was also outstanding while welcoming our family and friends and talking to us after we visited with Bob. You all made us feel like you were taking care of personal friends.
Thank you again for all you have done to help us through this past year. We always think of you fondly even though we got to know each other during such a difficult time.


Thank you, 

— Karen Combes

April 23, 2024

Dear Shayneh,


I just want to thank you for your help with getting Paul's ashes ready for us to take back to Florida and his family. You and your Starks family have alwasy been so gracious and wonderful. We just can't thank you all enough. 


— Crystal, Jake and Jordan

April 7, 2024


Dear Starks Funeral Parlor, 

Thank you so much for the post care you provide of my Dearly Departed husband, Mike Matthews. I love the reading material of the various stages of grief. They provide moments of peace and comfort. 


Thank you,


— Lizzie Diane Matthews

June 10, 2024 


To the staff at Starks, as a family we would like to thank all of you for caring for our son, Jason Cranfill and for us. Losing him has been heartbreaking and life changing for all of us. The celebration of his life that you helped us plan was so meaningful and we think that in time that memory will bring us comfort. Your aftercare has been so sweet and we appreciate being rembered. 


Thank you,

— Ron and Carol Cranfill

Dear Shayneh and Jason,

While we never want to lose a loved one, we know it is inevitable.
For the second time, the first being with my Dad George Bartlome, your funeral/celebration of life services are beyond excellent.
When my step-mom, Elisabeth recently passed, I was glad that the family once again chose Starks Funeral Parlor as the provider of care and love.
Thank you so much for the care, the love, and the professionalism.
I have been to many, many funerals / wakes / viewings, etc. and Starks Funeral Parlor is the absolute BEST at making the family and friends feel comfortable.
As I mentioned to Shayneh, I always share my story of Starks Funeral Parlor with friends and colleagues here in North Carolina.
I send my thanks, respect and wishes for a bright and exciting future for you, your family, and your business.
— Vince Bartlome

April 19, 2024


Dear Shayneh,


Thank you for the love and care you showed uncle Melvin and our family. It is much appreciated. 



— Dan Loose

March 26, 2024 

To Crystal and The Starks crew,

We are so grateful for your professional service and amazing, good care. We enjoyed meeting with you, planning and appreciate all your attention to details. The celebration couldn't have been more perfect. Crystal was amazing to help us dress our dad and handled all the details of the graveside service beautifully, we love you and Starks! 


— The Palmer Family

March 21, 2024

Dear Crystal, Shayneh, Tuyet, Baylie, Peter and Savannah (and the two gentlemen who came to the house to get my dad)...

From start to finish we had nothing but the best of care and that cannot go without a very sincere thank you. I know my dad was smiling from ear to ear and couldn't have been disappointed in any way. I wish everyone could have what we did. 

Bless you in the tender work you do. Ours was a happy passing, but they are not all that way. 

We will never forget. Thank you for taking care of all of us. 

"To live with gratitude is to touch heaven." 

— Ginger Sommer + Gary Astill Clan

March 22, 2024


Shayneh, Jason, Baylie and the whole team,


My deepest appreciation for your care, sympathy and your excellent standard and service. 

It's a sad and difficult time but to be in your thoughtful care helps us so much! 


With love for you all,

— Andrea and Family

March 11, 2024

Shayneh and Jason as well as all of your amazing staff:

We want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for taking such incredible care of our Caleb. This thank you is long overdue! During the hardest time of our lives you provided us with such comfort and care this will never be forgotten.  I was comforted leaving our sweet boy in your care and thank you just doesn't seem like enough.  I have attempnted to write this thank you many times over the last year and couldn't see through the tears.  Thank you for your love and care.  We are forever grateful!  God Bless You All

— Matt, Gretchen & Isabel Jungert

January 2024

It has been a little over a year since my mom passed and we have been reflecting on her life and the last few years. We want to thank you for taking excellent care of my mom. Shayneh, you made her look so beautiful and Jason, the pictures in the beautiful frames looked wonderful on the table you set up for them. Vernalie, thank you for the care of my mom and the support you gave to me. You went above and beyond in coordinating with us the funeral arrangements and also with the cemetery. 


May God's blessings and peace be upon you. 


— Despena Petrogeorge

January 10, 2024

Thank you Jason and staff for all your dedication and care in caring for our loved one. I believe that you must be doing God's work for those you care for. During this difficult time, you were there for our support. It's hard to believe that Ruben has been gone for a year, but thanks to you for keeping in touch. That meant a lot! Although we miss him so much, our faith tells us he is now really home. 

— The Jimenez Fam

January 24, 2024


Dear Jason and Shayneh, et. al.,

Thank you for all your kindness and support in caring for my mother - and in helping me through it all. I truly felt as if I was being cared for by family. When I mentiones that we might try to drive mom's coffin up to Montana, and Jason said "No, we will make that happen," I experienced a wave of peace.  It was a very long day of driving, and I really appreciate you doing it! 

— Mary Beth and Ian Andrews

January 5, 2024


Dear Shayneh,

Thank you so much for your kindess and loving care for all of the funeral arrangements for my dear Aaron. Everything you did for us was so meaningful and just what we needed. You are an amazing person wish such a wonderful gift of kindess, empathy and authenticity. I will always remember how speacial you made this sad time for us. 



— Carolyn Schubach

January 13, 2024 


Hello Starks,

Thank you for all the love and support for our family during this difficult time. Your compassion and sympathy you have shown will be deeply appreciated. Love the family of Lavern Ann Russell.


— Glenn, Lynn, Kimberly, Cherlynn, Samantha and Stephen

December 30, 2023

Dear Shayneh, Jason, Baylie, Tuyet and all the rest of the Starks staff, 

I can't tell you how glad I am that I entrusted Dick's end of the life passage to you. From the moment I walked in to Starks, early in his illness, to when I called you to come pick him up, to the lovely wake celebrating his life and helpong me say goodbye. You have always been so thoughtful and caring. It has been wonderful to be remembered through out this first hard year. But what really got me was the birthday message you sent. I received it on his birthday 12/3/23 and it made me cry (in a good way). You all are in the right profession! 

— Pamela Thomas

November 16, 2023


I wanted to express my sincere appreciation for both you and Jason and the care you gave to me and my family, especially my kids. You have a wonderful "product" and the care and thought you have taken in making a difficult time become and feel like truly the celebration of a life is astonishing. Everything was absolutely perfect, every last detail considered. Equally, I want to thank you for allowing my kids to be a central part in the planning. They felt very seen and in that, were able to create exactly what they thought he would want and what they needed in order to gain some peace.


Also thanks to the staff that you had working that evening. It took us a bit to leave and they were so kind in letting us linger a little. The host - his name fails me - was so kind and so welcoming to our family and all of the guests. I can't tell you how many people said they had never seen anything like it and wish to have the same kind of celebration for their loved ones. You are really making a difference in helping so many families get through the grieving process. 

— Katie Schwab

Dear Starks Funeral Parlor,


Thank you for providing excellent care of our dear Mike. Thank you for the cards, book and encouragments along the way. The care you have shown has given us great comfort. It will forever be remembered by the family of Michael Andre Matthews. 



— Diane, Megan, Billy and Brielle

November 6, 2023

To the lovely people of Starks Funeral Parlor, 

You all made this celebration of life for Chirstiasn a wonderful and heart warming experience for me and my family and friends. 

From the moment I arrived, being greeted by Michael, to being one of the very last to leave, getting help from a lovely man helping me find my wnadering dog, I felt the love, empathy, caring and compassionate vibe from each and every one of you. Michael - You made me feel right at home, easing my distracted mind and sad heart, as if you knew exactly how I felt and what I was going through. Thank you. Michelle "Mish-Mash," you my sweet heart, made sure Danno and I are and constantly checked on us and shared your love. Thank you. Shayneh and Jason, you two are amazing human beings who truly love what you do. I deeply felt your compassion and love. Thank you. 

I miss Christian so much but I know he is feeling joy again and I'm truly thankful to all of you as well for a beautiful farewell from this world. C will live in our hearts forever. 

Namaste... Love,

— Christine Martin

November 1, 2023


Dear Starks family (all of you),

We couldn't have anticipated the level of care and service that you would offer and carry out in the celebration of our mother, Jeanne Forrest Pyke Christensen. There were lovely suprises (the white rose left on her bed from when Jason took her from her apartment, the wonderful tribute video, fabulous food at the celebration, the extensive display of photos and memorabilia); and there was guidance and assistance for every decision that was made. Your level of service is remarkable, much better than we could have imagined, and very much appreciated. 

Thank you for all you did to help us to celebrate our beautiful angel mother. 


— Diane Sartain, Gayle Griffith, Bob Pike and family

July 5, 2023

I just wanted to express my thanks and appreciation for the wondrful job that Starks and the staff did for Holly Wright's service on June 1st. Staff was so attentive and nice. It was wonderful. I believe it was the nicest service I have EVER attended. 

— Leah Moe

July 12, 2023

Dear Jason and Family,

It has been almost a month since Burt's celebration and I am still getting calls from people saying "Wow! What an amazing place, what a great tribute!" Thank you for making Burt's celebration and amazing event. 

Much love,

— Sue Molitoris

June 08, 2023

The wake was amazing, beautiful, wonderful, perfect, a beautiful tribute, an incredible environment. I have never been to any life celebration like it, the set  up was fantastic. I loved the memorbilia room. Everytime I run into anyone that was there, they all comment about the experience. My two kids and I have all been in a better place since the memorial. It was a magnificnet venue and helped us have some closure dealing with her passing. 

Again, I simply cannot thank you and your staff enough for the effor that went into the set up and outcome that hda such a powerful impact on all who attended. I've also been able to direct friends that weren't there to your website to view the video tribute. 

My best to you all, we're forever indebted. 

— Tim McConnell

July 7th, 2023

I just finished reading the "about us" part of your website again :) and was struck by how the passion you and your husband shared for helping people thru this difficult time really helped our family. I will always be grateful for the honor Starks showed my husband. Everyone who attended the wake is still talking about the great time they had.... My mom keeps telling people "they treated us like royalty" and you guys really did. 

— Pamela Todd


Thank you so much for making this a smooth, pleasant experience! We appreciate your team and service dearly. 

— Shawnessy Valdez, Ray Feller

June 15, 2023

Dear Starks Family, 

No words for how lovely and meaningful all of you did to make Bud's service a lovely celebration of his wonderful life! Our family will be forever grateful. Thank you. 

— Clare Gaylord

June 27, 2023


A thank you note to the BEST funeral directors ever!


I want to thank you again for the tremendous help and support you gave us since and during the confusing time of Mike's passing, a year ago this week! Also, a sincere thank you for the well-written and informative booklets by Doug Manning. They have definitely helped heal the hole left in my heart and and fielded many answers for the emptiness there. YOU ARE THE BEST!


— Eleni Fotes

May 30, 2023


Shayneh and Jason,

Thank you for making the most difficult time of our life to be one that we can remember with happy memories. It was more than we could have asked for. From start to finish, you made it bareable. Your beautiful facility even to the smallest details like the wonderful smell made it feel like home. We had so many wonderful comments like "What a lovely, classy way to say goodbye." That is thanks to all of you! Special thanks too for the gold crown. Bud would be happy!

— Karen Combes and Family

March 24, 2023

Dear Starks Team,


Thank you so very much for your kindness, caring and professionalism during the planning and funeral for my mom, Lorraine Williams.

Each person that we were in contact with was excellent. So many of our visitors from Montana commented about how my mom would have loved everything you did. 

It is such a difficult time, no matter how old the loved one is, and you made it easy on us each step of the way. 


God bless you and your staff.

— The Hristou Family

April 15, 2023


Dear Shayneh and Jason,

We want to extend our sincere thanks and gratitude for once again making such a difficult  time so much more manageable. Your sincere thougtfulness and kindness with you and your entire staff is so appreciated. Shayneh, Maria was so happy with Josie's apprearance and all your touches were noticed. Jason, you were a quick study on pinning boutonnieres on dress shirts. All our love and thanks! 

— Mike, Joana, Dimitri and Anthony Katsanevas

April 28, 2023

Dear Starks Staff, 

Thank you for the celebration of Life for Stephen Chilton. 

It was handled in a professional comforting manner. My guests were so impressed.


— Susan Chilton and Katherine Judge Evans


I just want you to know that our family thanks you for your very kind and loving support with the loss of Ruben. You were there for all our needs. We love you guys! 

— Mary Ann Jimenez

Everyone at Starks,

Thank you so much for bending over backwards for my mom during this difficult time. You truly let her grieve in her own way and it is much appreciated. 

— Andrew Litka

October 5, 2022

Starks Staff,

Thank you so much for bringing my sister, Diane Murphy's memories to life. Our family was astounded as to you being able to capture her essence. Never saw anything as beautiful. Your service throughout our experience was impecable.

— Anna Tidwell and Mark Murphy

November 8, 2022

I attended a celebration of life for Jeannie Nixon on Saturday evening and was so imressed with everything that I witnessed. Starting with the gentlman at the door that gave directions to the location of each room. When entering the main room that was so beautifully decoarted, was truly an eye opening experience for me. It all seemed so peaceful even though there were people milling around. 

The food was over the top exquisite. Perfectly laid out and easy to take. The bamboo-like tongs were a nice touch, as were drinks that were labled, and the soft napkins. I laughed at the small forks used for the meat balls, another perfect touch. The servers were so nice with comments when someone had a question. 

Upon leaving, I felt peace for Jeannie and her wonderful life, and also gratitude for having such a wonderful experience at your funeral home. 

— Joan Burdett

October 3, 2022

This card is sent with a note of gratitude for the professional way in which Starks worked with the Dennis Peake's family during our most vulnerable time. 

We were comforted from the time of the lady picking up to the end of the burial. The elegance paid to detail was apparent from the preparations of our loved one to the great key chain given to us at the end. There was not a person whom came to show their respect, that did not comment on how well done the "Celebration of life," was executed. You made a difficult time bearable. 

Thank you. 

— Linda Peake, Daughters: Shelly, Aleicia, Marlissa, Vanessa

October 24, 2022

Dear Shayneh,

Our sincere thank you to you and your incredible staff for your care of our beloved Husband, Dad, G' Dad. You looked after every detail with expertise, grace and patience. From arranging Rev. Canon Carol Marsh to lead our service with perfection; the talented musician; treasured videos; to the thoughtful and beautiful setting. It all worked magically. 

With our gratitude and love, 

— Carole Macleod

October 12, 2022

Dear Shayneh, Jason, all your wonderful staff,

I want to thank you for all the wonderful mailings and cards! It was especially thoughtful to send a note for Bob's birthday. Father's Day, our anniversary, my birthday, kids birthdays and HIS birthday bring him to mind with sadness at his absence, BUT with gratitude to God that we were blessed to know him, love him, be loved by him. 

I was actually in Denver for his birthday as I was attending a college reunion. So many memories of our dating days in that city. How young we were!!

As times goes on I miss him even more but know his new life in Chi Rho is glorious. I feel his presence in so many ways - most especially as I sit in "his" pew at daily mass at Catherdral. 

Thank you for remembering Bob's life with me!


— Cece

November 15, 2022

Shayneh and Jason,

Thank you for everything. You and your entire staff made a difficult time easier. The wake was perfect. The graveside service was so lovely. I know mom was looking down and was pleased. The service/mass was beautiful! Thanks Jason and your staff for making everything go smoothly!

— Roxi and Margaret

A simple "thank you" is not adequate to express my sincere gratitude for your knowledge and assistance in planning the viewing and funeral for my husband, Mike.  Shayneh, you and Jason provided more than service and we depended heavily on your advice and experince.  

— Eleni Fotes

My family and I want to thank you again for the beautiful service you gave to all of us! I'm sure Rick would have been so happy.  Your home and services are amazing!  Ive had nothing but happy, positive words of praise from family and friends.

— Charlotte Richter

I would like to thank you for all your kindness and help during this very difficult time in my life.  The comfort and compassion you offered me and my family was incredible.  

— Tessie Lords & Family

In the midst of a difficult and painful time, your kindness in providing a box just right for our tiny baby was a remarkable consolation.  Your support of Michael as he supported us helped me feel validatedin my grief and take steps toward closure.

— Anna Armstrong

Thank you so much for taking care of my mom, and for being so thoughtful and caring to the smallest details.  I see why she picked you to handle her affairs.

All the best,

Rebecca Baczuk

— Peggy Baczuk

The two most important words in any language are thank you - These 1000 thank you's are only a beginning.  Thank you for everything you have done.  Thank you for everything you have yet to do. But mostly, thank you for who you are and just being you.  In ancient times only one question was asked.  Did he or she have passion?  The answer is simply, emphatically - Yes!

— Jenna & Scott

We thank you with heartfelt appreciation for all your help navigating our son's final plans.  I know how important this would have been to him.

— Sue & Bill McCoy

There are not enough words to fully express our heartfelt gratitude for the sympathy & support you have extended to our family during the loss of our father and husband.

— The Guido Family

I just want to say how blessed our family was to have had your care of Gary and our family from his service and continuing on throughout this past year! It really has meant so much. Bless you for your kind, loving words! I will never forget the love shown to us.

— Viki Sullenberger

To Starks ~ our family would like to thank you for all that you did for Russell's service! Everyone who attended was so amazed!  The way you showed the true person Russ was and all that he love wasso unbelievable!  Thank you for everything.

— The Bridge Family

Dearest Jason and Shayneh - I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my grateful heart!  I was so impressed at the professional and elegant way you handled the viewing and funeral.  I know mom was so happy with the outcome; you captured everything about my mother!  It was all exsquisite! Just like my mama. I am so, so grateful to you both.  I don't know what to give you - so I give you a piece of my heart! 

— Love, Andrea

March 21, 2022

We wanted to send a heartfelt thank you for everything.  Mom looked beautiful like she was sleeping and we will remember her like this in our memories.  We appreciated that you honored our little requests and details.  Her viewing was gorgeous with pictures of her throughout the room showcasing her spirit. 

— Family of Flora Pansoy

How blessed we were to have the love, care and attention given to us as we sadly bid my wonderful Bob farewell.  Thanks hardly seems enough so we send love, prayers and blessings,

Cece, Kiri, Robby, Tricia & Becky

— Bob Holt

Thank you so very much for being a part of our familys' lives and being so very thoughtful and warm with us.  You have helped to make the transition forward easier to process for which I can't thank you and your wonderul husband and staff enough.  My heartfelt thank you for the comfort you have brought to our family.  I am grateful to you beyond words.  Best wishes to you and your husband and to your staff.

— Stella Zioras

Feb. 25, 2022

I just left a funeral service in a small town in Nebraska. It was very nice. But it made me recall my mom’s wake with you. And I am struck with what a jewel Starks Funeral Parlor is. There is no place like it. Thank you for making my mom’s memorial so amazing.


— Linda Dewhirst

July 26, 2021

Shayneh, Jason and Staff,

Thank you so very much...

We sincerely appreciate all of your time, effort and kindness you showed through the funeral process for Rose.  We couldn't have done it without all of your help.  Everything turned out beautiful, Rose would be proud. Thanks again.  Our deepest appreciation.

— Jim and Shauna Fucco

June 29, 2010

Jason & Shayneh -

Your generousity means more than it's even possible to say and is truly appreciated.  Thank you so much for making Jeff's wake extra special.  You've really made the process easier.  It means a lot!





— Mindy Lindquist

June 23, 2021

On behalf of Dan and I and all of Bette's family, I want to thank you for your loving care and support!  Your presence during this journey has been loving and comforting!  

— Dan and Sue McGill and The Family of Bette Vierra

June 1, 2021

Please accept my sincere thanks during this difficult time.  Your attention to detail in every aspect was most gratifying . The family and I applaud your efforts.  


— Janet and The Geyser Family

June 1, 2021

Jason & Shayneh -

Words can't describe how wonderful & respectful you two handled the passing of my sweet dad.  We will be eternally grateful!  We are your biggest fans!

Love you guys! 

— Cindi & Danny Louie

June 1, 2021

Dear Starks Family -

Thank you for everything you did for our dad's wonderful service.  It was perfect!   You made it beautiful, loving and just the way our Dad wanted it!  We send our love...



— Lisa Louie and Family

April 19, 2021

From the moment I called to notify you that my family would sadly be needing your services for my mom - I knew we would be - and my mom would be - in good hands.

Thank you for taking such good care of my mom and my family during this challenging timne.


— The Cwiks

April 1, 2021

Dear All, 

Our whole family thanks you for the incredible support you gave us during the most difficult time of our lives. 

I also want to thank you for your condolences and warm words of comfort. We sincerely appreciate all you did and will be happy to refer Starks Funeral Parlor.


— Susie Martindale

March 16, 2021

Dear Shayneh,

Words cannot sincerely express how greatful we are for the help you provided us while planning Tom's funeral. Although we were in shock and pain from our sudden loss, after meeting with you, we immediately felt we were in the best of hands. You were so warm and compassionate throughout the entire process and you helped guide us with ease through all the decisions.  Your suggestion of St. Vincent de Paul Catholic Church was nothing less than a blessing for us.  The mass nwas incredibly heart felt and beautiful.  Father Norman could not have done a better job, especially considering he had never met Tom.  We were so moved by the amount of pictures of Tom in the vestibule; it was truly a celebration of his life. We are also grateful for the time and effort you put into the video. It will be a cherished momento to look back on. 

Warm regards, 

— Lou, Patti, Kerri, Mary & Veronika

February 27, 2021

Enclosed is a check for the chains you ordered for us. Thanks so much for your help.

We are working at getting things put together - it is hard. We are thinking about the celebration of life in the fall, will check with you later on that.  

Thanks for everything. Couldn't do it without you!


— Hugh & Janice Miller

February 24, 2021

Dear Staff at Starks,

Thank you for your loving thoughts & your "well wishes".

You have been such a wonderful support over the year, with notes and the publications - have been very loving and thoughtful - most helpful!

I also have been blessed with very loving & supportive children & friends. And especially support & love from Above. 

Thank you - you are so special - 


— Barbara Fitzpatrick

February 24, 2021

The Staff at Starks,

Thank you all for thinking of me and Reed! Getting your card was very much appreciated! My daughters both thank you too!  

I am doing good, better on sunny days!

Thanks again,

— Carol & Family

February 23, 2021

Dear Starks' Staff,

I want to thank you all for the exceptional care you took of Gary, myself and our family!

You are all so incredibly kind and you all made such a hard time bearable! 

I will never forget your love and kindness to us all!  

And thank you for the booklet and your note!

Bless you all, 




— Viki Sullenberger


Dear Shayneh, Vernalie & Jason,

We are so depply grateful for everything you have done for us.  To take such a loss for our family and turn it into a thing of beauty is a gift we will never forget.  

God bless you and thank you.



— Michele, Stephanie & Family


February 16, 2021

Dear Shayneh and Jason, 

We want to express our sincere appreciation for the funeral services you provided for our grandma, Marie McDonald.

Thank you for giving our family the opportunity to say our final goodbye in such a peaceful and personal way.

We are so grateful for the amazing work you do.

Thank you,


— Sierra and Marie Jefferies

February 16, 2021

Shayneh and Staff -

Please accept our dearest expressions of gratitude for the care given our beloved Cynthia.

It's been three years this week that we have been separated from her. 

The memory book and keychain received at Christmas was a renewal of the special service performed for Cynthia and her love ones!

Again, a most heartfelt thank you!

— Carla and Greg Cox

Dear Jason and Shayneh -

Thank you for making Mauro's funeral so special. We have appreciated all you have done that is far and beyond your duty and professionality - you have met all my requests even though they were made last minute.  I am very grateful for that.


Fiora Dal Canto and Family

— Fiora Dal Canto and Family

To The Starks Funeral Parlor Family,

Just wanted to thank you for the wonderful services your family provided for my husband, Lacy James Scott's funeral.  

Everything you did and provided was wonderful and in good taste.  The beauty and calming atmosphere at the viewing and all the work put into the photos made us feel very special and that the love of my life had the best funeral possible.

God bless your special service to our community and loved ones, always.


Marilyn Scott & The Scott Family

— Marilyn Scott

Thank you for sending all the booklets about grieving.  I've found them to be very helpful. The words and suggestions are soothing and they are appropriate for people of any faith.

The way I am remembering my mom (Lily or Liong Nio Tjoa) is by saving all the photos of her and the extened family in Indonesia. Lily was born in a small village of Karangtengah about 50 miles from Jakonta.  

I hope that this note finds you well.  Blessings to you and your loved ones.

— Peter Verschoor

Thank you for the wonderful service that was provided by Starks.  The atmosphere was warm and peaceful, perfect for our JR.  Your service was superb and relieved us of a lot of stress.

— Banya, Nikki, JP & Jake

With so, so, so much thanks you made a difficult time immensely beautiful and sacred.  Thank you.

— Erin Hartigan

Thanks to the staff at Starks, a difficult time was made easier and more comfortable for us regarding the arrangements for Stephen Yarrow's final journey! 

— The Yarrow Family

November 16, 2020

It still is a very empty space without the love I have had for 65 wonderful years.  So many wonderful memories of a husband, father, grandfather and great-grandfather.

You are a very loving family and a very special service to your community.

— Bobbie Fitzpatrick

November 25, 2020

Dear Starks Family

We love the beautiful tribute ornament you sent to us to remember John!

We have had a long-standing family tradition to cut a Christmas tree whcih we then decorate with our collection of ornaments accumulated throught the years.  This will certainly become a treasured ornament to be hung on our tree each year in loving memory of him.

Thank you for your very thoughtful and meaningful gesture. We wish you a lovely holiday season.


— Miki, Michele, Kristina and Hailey Karg

November 24, 2020

I met Vernalie just over a week ago, when she came to retrieve my mom after her passing.  My sincere thanks for the ease with which Vernalie led me through the process of preparing a memorial service for mom, Shirley Pannunzio, handling all the arrangements from flowers to an Urn.  I am completely pleased with how well everything went.

Regrets...that we promised our mother we wouldn't have a nice gathering of friends and famiy.  We still receive compliments about our dad's wake and service at Starks in October of 2012.

Warm Regards,

— Diane Pannunzio Scott

December 5, 2020

Shayneh, Vernalie, Lori

Your patience, your guidance, your kindness and compassion all put me at ease and helped me through the deepest sadness of my life.  You made me feel secure and taken care of.  No rushing.

I am so grateful and thankful from the bottom of my heart.  It will always be remembered.

Christian Patrick Welch

1981 - 2020

"I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel."  ~ Maya Angelou


— Deb & Mike Mylonakis

November 9, 2020

Dear Shayneh & Jason

Where to begin... My heartfelt thank you for the remarkably beautiful service presentation you gave to John and to our family.  

John would have been so taken by the beauty, the warmth and the magnitude of your work--as were Michael, Jeni, Jimmy and me.  

Thank you soo much for every personal touch on display.  I felt as if both of you had been personally connected to John in friendship for many years and that at this time, John was the only person who mattered to you.  For this feeling I felt, thank you both sincerely.  It went a long way in helping me to say "to be continued" to John, because I know the beauty alone of the occasion would have WOWED him.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, Shayneh and Jason, from Michael, Jeni, Jimmy and me for making a very difficult moment in time a LOT more bearable.  


— Stella Ziouras

November 4, 2020

Dear Vernalie,

Words alone can not express my gratitude for Starks Funeral Parlor and to you as well.  Vernalie you are the most kindest, angelic and beautiful soul I have ever met in my life! A true angel!  Your sons and husband are the luckiest people on earth to have you in their lives!  Please accept my token of appreciation as a thank you from the deepest part of my heart.

Eternally grateful,



— Ted Condas

Dear Friends

These are difficult times requiring many changes to how services are delivered in all businesses.  Your staff has been amazing and made Jill's even truly special.

With sincere thanks,


— Jim Crowell

Dear Everyone at Starks

You are the absolute greatest.  Your service to us & continuing services to me after the death of my dear husband, Max, last December, is almost beyond my ability to find words to express.

I love my keychain with his picture iside and I just reread the Reality of Grief you sent.  So helpful and so kind of you to send it to me.

May the dear Lord continue to bless you incredible efforts in caring for those deceased and their families.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

— Doris Williams


I wanted to properly thank you for the keepsakes you gifted us for my mom's ashes.  I hadn't realized how comforting it would be to have her in a beautiful vessel--and it really helped Megan to go through the process since we respected my mom's wish to not have a funeral.  Getting the urns really helped put a special moment to pick out something that would suit her.

You are such a beautiful soul and I'm eternally grateful for your generosity and kindness.

— Destiny Westenskow

We cannot thank you enough for all of the kind support that you offered to the families of Dani, Arturo and Renae.  You were a shining light in what was a very dark and desperate situation.  All of us on the choir school leadership team will be forever grateful.  

Thank you & Best Wishes

— Gregory Glenn

July 27, 2020

Dear Jason & Shayneh

On behalf of a grateful Leary Family, thank you for the care and attention you provided mom during her life and the compassion you showed us in her death and thereafter.

All the Best

— Patrick & The Leary Family

To Starks Family & The Starks Staff

We want to thank you for your card and forgive me for responding so late.

We appreciated your gift of the ornament which we will "treasure" always.  With warm wishes from the Cancel family we thank you for your concern for us.  This ornament will always go on our tree.  You are wonderful!!!

God Bless All,

— Mr. & Mrs. L. Cancel & Family

October 5, 2020

Jason, Shayneh & Staff

We just want to say thank you all again for your kindness, tenderness and genuine caring at the passin of our mother, Patrticia Bennett.  It couldn't have been more special.  You made us feel as though we were the only ones who lost our loved one with all of the special touches from when you came and picked mom up to doing her make-up perfectly, her hair, to helping us get her dressed.  Thank you so much!!!  It made it easier to handle.  We still remember how well you took care of my dad's funeral as well.

With Love,

— The Children of Patricia Bennett

October 13, 2020

Dear Starks,

My first time using a mortuary.  You were a Godsend.  I called and you had already taken care of everything.  You got the hearse and brought his ashes.

Thank you so much for taking such good care of us.

So Sincerely,

— Dixie Spagnoletti

October 16, 2020

Dear Shayneh

Thank you so much for everything.  I know it was challenging for you but you handled every aspect perfectly.  Please pass on my gratitude to the entire staff.


— Anthony Allam

September 20, 2020

Dear Starks Family

Thank you so much for your kind attention and assistance over the last week.  You made a very challenging time as seamless as it could possibly be, and we are so grateful.  

The tribute that you arranged for our wife and mother was more beautiful and personal than we could have imagined and we will treasure the memory of that.  

It takes a special kind of person to do the work that you do and we cannot thank you enough for your compassion and guidance.

All the Best,

— Mike Murray, Katie Oderda, Mary Rose Carey & Our Entire Extended Family

October 20, 2020

Dear Shayneh, Jason & Starks Family

We can't thank you enough for the beautiful "celebration of life" you provided for our sweet Dad.  The personal touches, presentation, delicious food and wonderful music was more than we could ever ask for.  Also, your kindness, thoughtfulness and willing to go above and beyond with our special requests was greatly appreciated.  

Thank you for everything!

— The Family of John T. Calevas

June 18, 2020

Thank you so much for helping us send our Mom and Grandma Nish off in the most beautiful style!  I know that she and Grandpa were smiling down!  

Shayneh, thank you for so graciously keeping the peace with my crazy family.

Vernalie, thank you for the care and love you showed me and my Grandma when you came for her. And for letting last minute photos.

Jason, thank you for your love and friendship all these years.

Sydney, thank you and your staff for serving and sanitizing in these crazy times. The food was wonderful and everyone felt safe.

Jessica, thank you for keeping me fed and hydrated and from hangover Tuesday!

We will miss our sweet little spitfire, but are so thankful she is now at peace!  

You are all amazing, thank you!


— Jennifer Woods

Thank you for making the hardest day of our lives a beautiful tribute to our son, Alex.

I appreciate you all!

I can't tell you how much it meant to me that you helped me through the hardest time in my life.  I was truly comforted by the compassion you showed Mindy and I.  His wake and service was beautiful.  I am so grateful to you and your entire staff for taking such good care of my son!  His celebration was so nice and brought some peace to me. 

Thanks from the bottom of my heart!

Love you all

— Mindy & Cory

August 6, 2020


Words cannot express how thankful I am for you personally and as a business. From the night Dad was removed from his home, until the end of the viewing, everyone has been very kind and willing to help in anyway.

At the beginning, planning a service felt overwhelming, but after meeting with Vernalie, she made things easy.

The service was beautiful.

Thank you 

— Amber Forsyth

July 2020

We want to thank all of you for making Demetrios Daskalas' funeral so beautiful & wonderful!

Thank you so much!

Have a wonderful day

— The Daskalas Family

April 13, 2020

I am so amazed by the love and comfort you have shown our family. 

My mother, Colleen Dinsdale, passed away on January 19th of this year.  From that day forward, the staff at Starks has shown unwaivering care and compassion. Truely concerned for families well being during this time. 

My sisters and I would like to thank you for helping us through this very hard time.  In this day and age it is refreshing to find people like you that care so much for others.  

We hope you and your families are staying safe in these uncertain times.


— Carrie Stewart

May 9, 2020

Your thouhgtfulness is greatly appreciated at this sad time for us, and the book says it all.  It never gets easier.  So many good-byes and so few hello's.

Thank you.

— Dolores Chapman

July 12, 2020


Dear Starks Family

Today was July 12, 2020 and would have been my mothers 81st birthday.  She died of Leukemia when she was forty three and Amberlee was only two years old.  She adored Amberlee (the first and only grandchild) and showered her in love during the first years of her life, before her illness took her.  Amberlee and I then continued this journey of life and "raising each other."  I was always trying desperately to love my baby girl into "wellness."
Little did I know that I would have the privilege of having Amberlee until October 5, of 2019.  Your book of remembrance has been resting upon Amberlee's bed, waiting for the time that I knew and felt it would shelter me from the grief.  And tonight, it was truly that gift.  In honor of my own mother, and my own motherhood.
I opened the beautifully wrapped gift and was so touched by the loveliness and thoughtful energy that was put into this book.  It is truly a work of art and brought so many of the memories of that exquisite "life celebration" flooding back.  
You and your staff provided a gentle and loving respite as we planned that celebration, and the memories of that experience have become even more vivid during these recent times of restricted gatherings.  
Thank you hardly seems adequate in expressing my heartfelt gratitude for everything you provided to me and to my family during such a difficult time.  Your graceful and tender suggestions, your expert care in planning and providing to our many friends and family, were supreme examples of going beyond expectation.
My heart will always be filled with love for the Stark Staff and the loving angels that surrounded and cared for us.  I will always be profoundly grateful.
All my love and Amberlee too.
— Shauna Rasmussen Hatton-Ward

July 12, 2020

Shayneh & Jason

I am grateful to know such beautiful humans. I can't express sufficent gratitude for the empathic & loving way you take care of everyone in the time of their greatest grief. 

In Loving Memory

Julie A. Jacobson

May 18, 1967 - June 28, 2020


— Craig L. Oborn

June 9, 2020

Dear Starks Family

A special thank you for the "celebration of life" you provided for my husband Alan Owens.  During such a difficult time you helped make the decisions needed for us to have a wonderful celebration.  The pictures and the attention to details made this a unique experience.  We have received many comments from people who had never been to a celebration but thought it was fabulous.

Thanks again for your professionalism and comfort.  This was the best party Alan ever had!

— Mary Jo, Nate & Dan Owens

April 23, 2020

To the Staff at Starks:

     We want to send a very sincere thank you and appreciation for all your care and compassion for our family at the time of Chris' passing.

     The bookletes on grieving were helpful and the gift of the tree ornament with Chris' pitcure is priceless.  It is sitting on our mantel.

     We have lost many friends and family members over the years but losing Chris the way we did was extra difficult.

     Your service during that difficult time is so appreciated. Thank you again.  



— Carl, Virginia, Mike, Dylan & Jack Cawdery

April 13, 2020

Jason, Shayneh & Staff

Thank you so much for the care you showed during my mother Esther's funeral.  Your care provided the family with much needed peace and comfort.

— The Kramer Family

April 6, 2020

Shayneh & Staff

I can't remember a time when I was so touched as having you as a new friend.  I think my heart stopped when I received the key ring and frame picture of George.  Oh, I was so excited I wanted to cry.  I have never seen anyone do such a thing in my 83 years!

Thank you!

— Helen Good

February 7, 2020

Dear Friends

This card expresses so much of how I feel about you.

I keep thinking of sending a card, but now it's been over a year and I truly want you to know the little remembrances and grief pamphlets you have sent me are wonderful.  On the one year mark we had a mass offered for him and then we had our special spaghetti dinner for him.

Everything you did to make his memory and final burial was precious.  I never did thank you for the two young airmen who met us at his grave--Thank You!


— Nora Mancuso

January 28, 2020

With heartfelt gratitude, thank you for expressing your condolences to me and to my family, and for accompanying us through our grief.  May God bless you always.

In Christ, 

— Fr. Christopher Gray

February 1, 2020

Jason & Shayneh

Thank you for making this difficult time that we are enduring less painful.  Your professionalism and personal touches were amazing and brought so much peace.  After reading the "about us" page on your website, all we can say is "Mission Accomplished!"

Thank you for shining God's eternal love on us during this time.


— The Martin Family

November 26, 2019

Dear Starks Family & Funeral Parlor Staff

First I want to say thank you all for helping our family with all of the work you did.  You all did such a wonderful job and really helped our family so much.  Now thanks also for the two grief books you've givent to me.  I've read them a couople of times now and they certainly did help.  Yes there have been several painful days but your excellent work and generosity have made some of the pain a little easier at times.

Thank you all so much again.  You are wonderful friends.

Take Care

— Ann Workman

November 22, 2019

Dear Shayneh

Thank you and Jason for all your kindness to our family.  We especially loved the Christmas Ornament.  What a lovely expression of your sympathy.


— Marie Prokopis

December 2019

Jason & Shayneh

This thank you is long overdue.  I want to say thank you for the loving care shown to my mother, Trudy Joseph, in December 2017.  Next - words cannot begin to describe the love and gratitude you displayed for my husband, Steve Bartlett in 2018.

You and your staff are fantastic and compassionate!  Shayneh, your attention to every detail and request was beyond measure.  Once you told me we could display his belobef Harley, YOU HAD ME!!  Every phase of his life was displayed beautifully and your insistance that you and I had a viewing of Steve and the room privately was very special to me.

The wake was an overwhelming event full of love, laughter, tears and good food.  I cannot tell you how many people commented on how wonderful and intimate it was.

Your thoughtfulness is so appreciated.  The grief books and Christmas ornament, kind cards, etc just astound me.  Every detail is incredible.

I am forever grateful,

— Tracey Bartlett

December 2019

Dear Starks Family

Thank you so very much for all of your help, kindness and compassion that you showed my family during the recent passing of my father, Kenneth Workman.  We felt as though you were part of our family and were there when we most needed you.  You definitly are making a difference in our world.


— Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Gonsiewski

January 9, 2020

Thank you for your encouraging articles, information and letting us know the support you give and the loving care you have for us and our family of loved ones endures.  The photo in its beautiful frame of Kaye looked wonderful hanging on the tree during the holidays and now has a special place for all to see.  Thank you! 

— Sue Valentine

November 2019

I have been so impressed by all the kind things you have done even after the funeral and all is done.  I appreciated the Christmas package with Patrick's pictue and all the guidance about grief management.  I cannot thank you enough.

Many thanks!

— Linda Dougherty

I can't find the words to thank you for all of the kindnss and support that we received from you.

The love of God has been present in the midst of our pain to make us see that we are not alone.

May God bless you and multiply your blessings today and always for your generosity.

Full of thanks

— Luis Cobia, Alan Arellano, Martin Arellano and Laura Rodriguez

Shayneh & Jason

On behalf of our family I would like to extend our deepest thanks for the care you gave our Mother as well as the sympathy and compassion extended to our large family.

I believe our guests truly appreciated the ambiance of your facility during our Mother's celebration of life.  I know we did.

During such a stressful time, it was a blessing to have that wonderful evening to visit with friends and spend some quiet time with our Mother as well.  The whole Starks staff made us feel very welcome.

We truly appreciate your hard work and dedication to our family at our time of need.

— Larry Henkels

Dear Shayneh & Jason

It is difficult to find words of thanks to both of you for the kindness and compassion you showed our family as we prepared for an participated in our father's final tribute and burial.  Watching my father suffer and die was an awful experience.  But even more difficult was watching as my mother, his wife of 67 years, father of her 4 boys and the only man she ever loved, suffer to an unimaginable degree.  In the end, you were there to make sure that the celelbration of a life well lived was recognized.  My mother is not an overly emotional person, but when I walked her through your home prior to his rosary, she was touched in a beautiful way.  She talked about the details of your work and how much her Bill would have loved it.  Nothing went unnoticed.  Having thata moment with her was comforting for me.  Your attention to those details spilled over to the mass and the interment the next day.  It was all so perfect.  When we left Mount Calvary, she said again that dad would have been pleased.  But most important, she was pleased and at peace.  Pulling all of it off for a seriously grieving widow and her family was no easy feat, but you did it in fashion!

Again, thank you fo all you have done during a difficult time.

Peace my Friends.

— Brian O'Reilly

Dear Starks Family

Thank you for the truly wonderful service you provided for the funeral of James Kimball.  You made our family feel right at home and showed us such respect and love for James and his memory.  You gave us an experience full of comfort and peace and helped us through a difficult time.  May God continue to bless you as you continue with your wonderful, priceless service.

Thank you.

— Mary Kimball & Family

Dear Starks Family,

In shock on the morning of our son's sudden death and on the recommendation of a few friends, I called Starks to ask about their services.    From my first conversation with Shayneh that morning, and in every interaction with your family as we planned the service, we were treated with kindness, love, empathy and patience.  We are profoundly touched and grateful for the grace you embody.  You helped us to celebrate the life of our son, Daniel, and to lay him to peace in the best way possible.  We will always remember the comfort you gave us.


— Pam, Rick, Nicholas & Isabelle Dal Canto

Dear Starks Family

Heidi's celebration of life was made possible because of your excellent work.  Thank you for helping us to find the joy in celebrating her life even though we were grieving.  Every detail was managed beautifully.  More importantly however, is the fine manner in which you prepared her for burial.  I found great comfort in seeing my only sister finally at peace.

In Love & Gratitude,

Heidi Jackson's sister

— Merilee Morgan

Thank you so much for your thougthfulness as we process the loss of Stephen.  Thank you for all the beautiful details you put into his service.  It was just unbelievable, your handling of everything.  Thanks as well for lighting a candle.  So appreciated.  The booklets you have sent are also so encouraging.  

Thank you, thank you.  Lovingly from all of us.

— Norma Carey

Thank you for being an awesome team!  Thank you for everything you did to make sure that everything went smoothly.  Your knowledge and expertise helped make the process feel not so overwhelming.

— Martin Dell Barker Family
Dear Shayneh, Jason and the Starks Family, and staff,  
Words can't express how much it meant to me and my family - all the Love and consideration/care that you put into my mom's (Patty Davis) services. From the beginning to the end you took care of everything and helped us out during the most traumatic time in our lives. I will never be able to repay you for this. I was blown away with the Celebration of Life. My mom would have loved it. Everyone thought it was amazing. I just wanted to give you this small thank you. You will always hold a special place in my heart.
— Rain Gibbs
Dear Jason and Shayneh,  
Words cannot express our deepest appreciation to you both and your staff. Mom's Celebration of Life was wonderful. It is the most difficult time for a family. However, with your guidance, support, and knowledge - you guide the family through - making it so much easier. We thank you for everything! We were totally blown away with how beautiful the pictures and flowers were arranged. The tribute that mom received was a blessing. We appreciated Jason and Arron the next day for all they did at the Church and Cemetery.  
Shayneh - We thank you for the extra care you gave us from the first phone call until the end of the service - Lydia was amazing to work with - She is absolutely the best! 
We wish you and Jason the very best!
— Randy and Jo Potter
Jason, Shayneh, & Starks,  
I've sat down to write this thank you so many times over the past year. Words cannot express how thankful we are for what you guys did for us. Those days and weeks were such a blur and painful and you guys helped make a beautiful service. Thanks for loving us and taking such a great care of our precious Jack. We are forever grateful!
— The Naylor Family
Dear Mr. and Mrs. Starks and staff,  
A little over a year ago, I lost my mother, Inger Fenech. I want to thank all of you for how kindly you have treated my family and I. A few years ago my mother wanted to select the place that would tend to her body after she died. We went to 4 different funeral homes before we arrived at Starks. The moment we parked the car, walk through the beautiful garden and into the lovely funeral home, she knew this was the place for her. I could not have agreed more. All the arrangements were made and she selected a nice box for her ashes. It gave her comport to know her death would be handled the way that she wanted. After my mom passed away, you have been so incredibly thoughtful. You handled all our needs and even made some suggestions the really made the transfer of her ashes to the cemetery in Santa Barbara smooth.  
It seemed like when I was the most sad and in despair missing my mom a thoughtful card and brochure about dealing with grief would arrive in the mail. I cannot tell you how much that meant to me. How comforted I was by it. Thank you for the Christmas keepsake. I have it on a shelf where I can see it everyday. How incredibly kind it was. No one can really be prepared for the sadness of losing someone loved. Being treated with such love and compassion gave my grief a touch of sweet.  
Thank you.
— Clarie Fenech
Thank you for the beautiful Christmas ornament. Your family is so kind and gracious.
— Merna Turner and Family
Thank you so much for all of your kindness to our family.  
You and your staff went above and beyond our expectation!  
With lots of love and Blessings to each of you.
— The Millard Family
We are so grateful to all of you at Starks for the care and personal commitment we felt during the shock and sorrow of losing our mother. Her celebration of Life on July 7th, was more than we hoped it could be. Truly beautiful - we were so touched and comforted by the photo display that Arron took such great care to arrange, and the hospitality and superior professionalism of your kind staff.
— Peggy and Jayne McDonough
Dear Jason and Shayneh,  
First off, I want to thank you for the incredible care you have given to my family. I trusted you in the care and arrangements of my father, Albert Perfili, also my husband, Michael Carbona. I cannot praise you enough, you have a "flawless business". I receive endless compliments on the happy celebrations. Thank you, thank you from the bottom of our hearts.
— Perfili Family
Lydia and Shayneh,  
A note of thanks for the help and support you provided to me in planning and handling my mom's services. You made this part of her life's journey easier and less stressful for me. I always knew you were there as a resource.  
Thank you!
— Bill Taylor
I and my family want to thank you for your service, which were done with the upmost care and consideration. We have been told how beautiful everything was carried out in our behalf.  
Thank you and God Bless you.
— June Krogh
Starks Funeral Parlor,  
Thank you so much for all your assistance. Your family and employees are very compassionate and caring. I am so glad that I was referred to you.  
Thank you again.
— Merna Turner
Dear Starks Staff,  
Thank you for making Sarah's Celebration of Life such a wonderful and beautiful remembrance. All of your extra touches are greatly appreciated and brought us much comfort. Thank you also for your assistance with the funeral Mass which was also a beautiful experience.
— Summer and Bryan Turner
Dear Shayneh, Jason, and Lydia 
Please accept our deep appreciation for the wonderful support and warm comfort you provided to us at the time of our mom's passing.  
Every step along the way, we benefitted so much from your care, concern and professionalism. We especially appreciated Lydia's flexibility and help as we "fine-tuned" (yes, in other words "kept changing'!) Mom's obituary!! You worked with us with such flexibility and helpfulness - above and beyond!  
Again, at this melancholy time for our family, we want you to know that you made a positive difference in helping us face our loss, as we continue to do each day.  
Many thanks and warm regards.
— Family of Mary LaBonte: Joan Cvar, Toni Lehtinen, and Lynn Strong
I want to thank you and Jason for all of your help with our precious Cole. Once he was in your care, we never worried about a thing. We appreciate you working with our time frames. We are more grateful than you'll ever know for the time we were able to spend with Cole the past few days. You guys did a beautiful job with him. Everyone was so helpful, and on top of everything we asked for. I knew you guys did a great work before, but having used your service for my own child makes me realize just how special Starks really is. Keep up the good work.
— Brian Sylvester
I want to thank you for the beautiful job you did for my Mom and Dad. You all were amazing. I was very please with everything you did.  
Thank you all.
— Judy Edwards
Dear Shayneh, Jason, Audrey, Arron, Tony and to the rest of your wonderful staff. You have given us a warm and a very loving place where we can share and enjoy our precious and last moments with Rob, whose we all love and respect very much. Your compassion, sincere and loving ways are so evident that you really care. Our family is forever grateful. 
— Maricel and Sarah Whittenburg
Jason, Audrey & Staff at Starks, 
I would like to say thank you on behalf of my mom and siblings for the great job you did with my father's funeral and burial. The attention to detail was great, the meeting with Audrey to get everything set up was more than we could have hoped for. We felt as if we were with family. Thank you so much.
— Fredrique Olive & Family
Dear Starks family and staff, 
I want to extend my deepest thanks for your amazing thoughtfulness and compassion. When I received the ornament you sent with my beautiful mother's picture, I was so touched. I will treasure it. This season has indeed been very difficult, yet we are so thankful that she left us with beautiful traditions that will live on. I cannot express how glad I am that we chose you to care for our dear mother. She meant the world to us, and you just "get it". Sincerely,
— Judy Peterson, daughter of Gioconda Mason
Dear Starks Staff 
Just a note to thank you for your help with our mom, Lydia Cvar's funeral. Everything was so beautifully done and with little effort on our part. You are all very good at what you do. God bless you for your kindness and service to us.
— Charlene & Tony Furano, The Cvar Family
Dear Shayneh, 
Thank you so much for your outstanding help during the death of our father, Ray Fletcher. Every thing was so well handled and we appreciated all that you, Arron, Audrey, Reese and the others "behind the scenes" did to make our experience so personal and comforting. From transporting Dad from St. George, to the arrangements, to the military honor team, to the roses - everything was perfect. 
Sincere Thanks.
— Fletcher Family
To the staff, 
Thank you for all your help during this difficult time. We truly appreciate your kindness. The viewing and vigil service was beautiful. With gratitude
— The Hippol Family
A Special Note of Thanks 
"A simple act of kindness has a beauty all its own" 
We are so pleased with all you did for us. 
Thank you so much for your thoughtfulness
— Laurane Larsen and Family
Dear Starks' Funeral Parlor, 
We would like to thank you for a very pleasant experience during these challenging times as we? said out final goodbyes to our wonderful mother? What a beautiful facility you have along with a professional staff. Please share out "thank you" to all for the exceptional service they provided? 
— The Anton Family
Dear Jason and Shayneh and all Starks' staff: 
Our family is profoundly moved at the care, sensitivity, and grace you provided us during the aftermath of the sudden loss of our dad. The celebration of life was one of the best [services] I had ever attended? all elements were beautifully thought through and executed. You had such attention to detail and made sure every aspect was taken care of so that we could really be present in the moment and take in everything. I keep telling people that is was the best? I had ever been to! I loved working with a young energized and refreshing couple who were skilled in communicating all the necessary steps while also holding us in a space of grief. You were calming, directive, graceful and had a sense of humor at the perfect times. You were such a breath of fresh air amidst the heaviness. Now that you shared in this emotional time in our lives, we want to adopt you into our family! My dad was beaming throughout the whole weekend and loving it that it was such an [amazing celebration]. We can't possibly thank you enough. Please know you hold a very special place in our hearts.
— Dave Littlefield's Family- Carrie, Sam, Alex, Aaron
Thanks for making a difficult time a little easier to get thru. You and your staff were very comforting and concerned with all of the feelings of all those involved. Thank you for seeing to all the details that were asked of you. You are a very sweet and caring person. 
Thanks again,
— Tony Sullivan and Vickie Phipps
To the owners, Jason and his beautiful wife Shayneh, and the staff at Starks' Funeral Parlor. 
I and my family wish to give you our heartfelt thanks for all you have done for us and Scott... The tender empathy is acknowledged work [and has] been felt by all of us? All these and more fill us with gratitude. 
Thank you all!! 
We are so impressed. You will certainly get more business from us as the need occurs. We actually feel like we are a part of your family. We are actually [telling] people we know about how good and thoughtful Starks' Funeral Parlor is!! Wonderful in all aspects. 
Hoping an praying for peace and continuing your career and personally have a wonderful life. You really deserve it! 
With sincere love. 
P.S. As the saying goes, the good you put out, the goodness comes back in spades. It's a law of the universe! 
P.S.S. Thank you for everything
— Alan Summers and Family
Thank you for your support and loving care with eh passing of Richard E. Hill "Rick". Denise, Andy, Skye, Garret and Corky Hill. 
You are all Angels!
— Hill Family
To the Starks Staff, 
Thank you for your support through all you have done for me with the death of my husband Bill. No one could ask for more caring. Again, thanks to each. 
— Lucy McClure
Starks + Staff, 
I want to express my sincere gratitude to you all for the excellent + compassionate services you provided to my family during my dad's service. The empathy + kindness shown to my mom + dad was truly the best! Your staff arrived at my parents home to transport my dad, +although we were all sad + upset, your staff was so very kind.  
My mom speaks highly of Shayneh and her kind heart! My dad's Celebration of Life was beautiful + we thank you!
— Tessa + Sam Zizumbo
Thank you so much for making my husband's celebration of life so memorable. The whole experience was overwhelmingly beautiful.  
I would not have changed anything. Your staff, catering, and pianist were excellent. Your arrangement of Jim's pictures, flowers and video took my breath away.  
Thank you.
— Patty Bickley
Dear Starks Funeral Parlor, 
We would like to thank you for a very pleasant experience during these challenging times as we paid our respects and said our final goodbyes to our wonderful mother Janette Anton. 
What a beautiful facility you have along with a professional staff. 
Please share our thank you to all for the exceptional service they provided.All those attending our mother's services greatly appreciated the valet parking what a pleasant surprise that is. 
The Anton Family 
— The Anton Family
Dear Shayneh, Jason, Audrey and Erin and all of your amazing staff, 
I cannot express how much your kindness and expertise meant to me.  
My father's celebration was Perfect!!! 
Thank you and God Bless.
— MaryAnn Ringholtz Garrett
To: All at Starks. 
We just wanted to write to tell you how much we appreciated the way you handled everything for our Dad. From the moment we called until we left Beaver, your services were nothing short of compassionate.  
Thank you for being so willing to have our dad available several times. That really meant a lot to our family. 
Your genuine concern to taking care of him and respecting our wishes was very much appreciated. 
Again we say, Thank you.
— The Oakdens
Shayneh, Jason & Team "Starks" 
Thank you all for making my dad's memorial something he would have loved... and something everyone else DID love. 
Ya'll are super professional, compassionate, and creative. You offer a huge gift to your clients. Hugs!
— Heidi Walz
Dear Starks 
We want to thank you for the wonderful service you provided for our mother's funeral. It was everything she wanted and more. We still get compliments regarding her service and the party afterwards.
— The Emmett Family
Starks Parlor & Staff 
Thank you for the beautiful and outstanding services provided for my dear wife Elaine Gomez. 
— Larry Gomez
Shayneh and the Starks family 
The phrase is simple, and the words are few- but behind them lies a world of appreciation. 
Special people like you make the world a brighter place- 
— Holly, P.R., and the Miller family.
To the Starks Staff 
Thank you for your support and for all you have done for me with the death of my husband, Bill. No one could have been more caring. Again thanks to each of you. 
Lucy McClure
— Lucy McClure
We are so glad we chose Starks to handle our mom's funeral. Your funeral parlor is so beautiful and so comfortable. The display of pictures was so well done. The red roses on her casket were absolutely gorgeous! Your entire staff was so compassionate, and all the details of the Rosary, the funeral, and the burial were handled so smoothly. The Holland family thanks you for your kindness and professionalism.  
Kent, Kevin, and Sharon Holland
— Holland Family
To all of the dear People at Starks Funeral Parlor; 
I would like to offer my sincere gratitude and appreciation to all of you for the beautiful service that you provided me and my family at the time of my husband, Alan McArhtur's passing. Everyone who attended was so impressed and elated at how everything was so perfect an wonderful. The service, music, food, kindness and attentiveness were excellent. Also please thank the bagpiper at the graveside service, it was beautiful. It will be something that I will always remember and cherish for the rest of my life. Also thank you for the beautiful keychain with Alan's image on the inside, I have it hanging on my car mirror and when he sun shines on it, the whole inside of my car sparkles and it makes me feel like he is with me when I am driving.  
Thank you so much for everything! 
Kim McArthur and Family
— Kim McArthur
Hello to the Starks Family and the Staff of Starks Funeral Parlor~ 
Thank You for the lovely little framed picture of Mark Maddox which you sent to his father J. Scott at Christmas time. This was much appreciated by both of us in a strange, but comforting, way.  
One of the things I could not bring myself to do after Mark left us so suddenly last summer was to choose a picture of him to display at home. But at least that unexpected departure was a blessed end to those horrid two weeks he endured in the ICU.  
Receiving this little picture was like getting a postcard from Mark on his travels. It now occupies a select spot handing near Scott's easy chair in the living room.  
The fact that mark has gone from us just doesn't seem real… it probably never will… 
Meanwhile, Thanks again for your kindness in remembering us. And the booklets on grief are interesting, too.  
Ruth Popescu-Maddox & J. Scott Maddox
— Ruth Popescu-Maddox & J. Scott Maddox
Dear Jason and Shayneh, 
Well, I have made it through one year! Thank You for your gentle kindnesses throughout, especially at Christmas.  
I am forever grateful. 
Margaret Anderson
— Margaret Anderson
Dear Jason and Family 
Thank you so much for taking such good care of my Joe. I will treasure the picture of him and we did hang it on the tree. Thanks for being so kind to me and my family. God Bless.
— Ruby Tunno, Gena and Pat Family
Tom was most precious to our family. Thank you for honoring his memory with a wonderful "Celebration of Life". We will be forever grateful.
— Scholl Family
Our friends at Starks 
We can't thank you enough! My dad's wake was so so amazing! He really would have enjoyed it! Although this is the hardest thing we have ever had to do, you make it easy, right and so so much more. You and your entire staff went above and beyond. You are all amazing! Thank you doesn't seem enough. Many many thanks and much love.
— The Kibbie Family - Carla, Patrick, and Jennifer
I wanted to tell you how much I appreciate you and your care and talent in making my mom look so much like herself. That was my biggest worry - and you did an incredible job. You and Jason have such an incredible business. You have made the loss of both my parents, a little bit easier to go thru. I'm glad you are our "neighbors". Thank you again!
— Kathy Nielson
Thank You so much for the care you gave my mom and my family. We love working with you guys. You all know just what others need in their darkest hours. Her life celebration was beautiful, and just what she would have wanted. Thank You so very much.
— Santina Siciliano
Dear Starks' Staff, 
You have been so kind to send me notes of remembrance and condolence over the past year since my son, Zachary Brugger, died. Words cannot express how much I appreciate your thoughtfulness. 
Carol Lindsay
— Carol Lindsay
Dear Mr. and Mrs. Starks, 
I wanted to bring to your attention my appreciation of your employee, Audrey Mann. 
She helped me with prayer cards and a guest book for my mother recently.  
When I contacted her she was very busy with two events. I was impressed with the time she spent with me and in a friendly manner. 
She treated me as though I was using your services and did not diminish my needs. 
Thank her once again for me. 
Sincerely Kathleen Bournel
— Kathleen Bournel
Dear Shayneh and Staff, 
Thank You for the caring you showed our family during our initial mourning. You went above and beyond. 
Jane Schrock and the Moore family.
I really appreciate everything! Shayneh God Bless you. Thank You so much for everything you've done! A beautiful person with a great big heart! People like you are so hard to find! But I was lucky. 
Thank You.
— DM and Family
Jason and Shayneh 
My mom would have really enjoyed her service. Thank you for making it beautiful.
— Jennie Lai
Dear Jason and Shayneh Starks, 
Thank you both for a job well done on September 21, 2014, in the celebration of life for Ruth Stromness Gentner. Also, thank you for the unique gift of Ruth's picture in a setting I've never imagined. 
All was done well by you both and your staff. Be proud of a job well done.
— Hyrum Gentner
Dear Jason and Shayneh 
Thank you for helping me and my family as we went through the process of saying goodbye to Victor. Your concern, compassion and expertise all together made us feel better. The Celebration of Life was so beautiful! It was overwhelming, it was peaceful, it gave me such comfort. I am thrilled we picked Starks for Victor. You really helped us pay our last respects to a man we all loved dearly. 
With gratitude. 
— Karla Pardini
I just wanted to thank you for everything that you did and are still doing for our family. Everyone that attended Bailie's Celebration was so impressed with how personal and touching every little detail was.  
You truly made a very difficult time in our lives, bearable. You all hold a very special place in my heart.
— Mel Erwin
To all at Starks,  
I want to thank you from my heart for the beautiful service you prepared and accompanied for my mother Ann. Words cannot express the comfort, beauty and calm of your facility there at your home.  
It is the most beautiful funeral home I have ever experienced, and the energy there was angelic and serene. I could not have imagined a better environment to met for the last time with many, and friends and family to say good bye to Mom. 
Thank you for all that you do.
— Susan Kendrick
Thank you for the beautiful final arrangements for my mom Rose Rogers. It was so dreaded and feared, but you made it so beautiful and lovely. I know my mom couldn't be more pleased. Everything was so perfect and beautiful.
— With our love, Jill and Rosie Oliver
Jason & Shayneh, 
Words can Barely express how wonderful you both were in helping Greg and I arrange/plan his mother, Betty Lessnau's, wake and funeral. As I read over your "online Bio", I wanted to let you know( if you had any doubts) that your vision to bring back a warm and caring wake are truly a success! You made all the planning seamless and were pivotal in removing any stress concerning both Friday's wake and Saturday's funeral. I will never forget you nor the kindness and comfort you showed us. All my best and may the Lord continue to bless the works of the beautiful Spirits in you!
— Barabara
Dear Shayneh and Jason, 
I am so grateful to you for making my gather's wake happen. I know it was a first and unusual experience to hold it off site. You made it happen and it was so perfect. You gave him a great send off!
— Michelle Jones

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the beautiful service you prepared and accompanied for my mother, Ann. Words cannot express the comfort, beauty and calm of the facility there at your home. It is the most beautiful funeral home I have ever experienced and the energy there was angelic and serene. I could not have imagined a better environment to meet for the last time with many friends and family to say good bye to Mom. Thank you for all you do.

— Susan Kendrick
Starks Funeral Parlor, We truly cannot thank all of you enough for your genuine care, concern and support through the loss of our mom, Angie Whytock! We could not have been more pleased with the wake and the amazing services provided! We truly appreciate everything that each one of you did to make it such a wonderful experience and for your continual efforts of support still to this day through this grieving process! We truly were so impressed and continue to appreciate all your support for us! Thank you so much for all your love and support! You guys are so wonderful! We will recommend your services to everyone.
— The Whytock Family
Dear Jason, Shayneh, and Staff, Thank you for taking care of us, Joe and I, and planning the funeral. Thank you also for the booklet on the Pain of Grief. I'm sure it will help immensely. You are so thoughtful. Joe and I were soul mates and truly loved one another.
— Barbara
Dear Shayneh, Jason, and Team, What do you say to the people who went above and beyond in our father's celebration of life! We cried, you were there. We laughed, you were there. It was perfect in so many ways. He would have been so please. Thank you so much!
— Joni and Mitt Druce, and Justeene Blankenship
Dear Jason and Shayneh, We wanted to thank you for your wonderful care of Geri Littlewood and our family. We were unfortunate to need your services, but were impressed with the way things were handled. Everyone, including Bob, were very pleased with everything and are glad they entrusted such a tender time to your care. There were so many little details that meant so much. One being when you picked Geri up from the house and made the bed, then, beautifully laid the tulips on the pillow. This, among many others, helped us through the process of saying goodbye to Geri. We greatly appreciate all that you did!  
— Kent and Eyvonne Littlewood
Dear Starks, Your note, together with the picture you sent at Christmas, were both very touching. You were such a huge help at the time of our loss. You not only sat with us to decide options for mom, by were most patient in our family conflict. My wife and I have said more than once that we wish there was a "Starks" here in Orange County, California where we now live.
— Owen
Dear Shayneh and everyone, I want to thank you so much for what a beautiful job you did on everything. It took my breath away at how fabulous the room looked. My brain is still not working very well, so I don't have the words to say how thankful I am for you. I truly want to give my thanks to everyone involved, you were all fantastic and Mark would have been very pleased.
— Kathy Platts
My Dears, Your assistance during a sad time was critical to honoring Mom in the most special way possible. The cantor, Flower source, obituary assistance, appropriate compensation, process information, videographer, program ideas and on and on. Thank you so much! The orchids from Orchid Dynasty are regal and breathtaking. You allowed me to place your name on the programs--very trusting behavior. You are always with me.
— Reba
Dear Shayneh, Jason, and everyone at Starks, I can't begin to tell you how much my family and I appreciate everything you did to make Ted's "Celebration" so special- I've got many calls and letters- Thank you for the wonderful key chain, I will always have him with me.
— Linda
On behalf of Edward Nielson we would like to thank you for the wonderful services you provide. As you know this is never an easy time, but you and your staff make it so much easier. We, as a family, want you to know how much we appreciate you. P.S. Thank you for the gift. The key chain was the most amazing thing I have seen. Now I can take him with me always.
— Byron Nieslsen, Gwen Symes, Kathy Miyamoto, Irene Burkholder
To everyone of you at Starks Funeral Parlor, Thank you for creating a loving experience and understanding surrounding the passing of Angie "My Love" and her life's end.
— Duane (Dewie) Layton
To everyone at Starks, I hope your holidays were great and that 2014 brings you all happiness. Thank you so much for the frame/ornament with Dad's photo inside. It was perfect for our tree. I'm still so impressed with your service and follow-up contacts. You are all awesome!
— Kath Nielson
Dear Shayneh, Jason and Staff, Thank you so much for creating a memorable collaboration of our Moms life. You created such a comforting atmosphere when we needed it the most. Your professionalism and attention to detail are extraordinary. Thank you again for a beautiful celebration and your makeup artistry to make our Mom look as beautiful in death as she did in life. The services you offer make a difficult time so much easier.
— Laurie Rosvall and Family
Dear Jason, Shayneh, and Staff, Thank you for all you have done to provide comfort and peace during a difficult time. We felt so blessed to have discovered your funeral parlor, and continue to treasure that association each time you reach out to us. Thank you for the lovely ornament. Trusting Erin to your care and receiving your compassionate, professional and tasteful attention to all of our needs has been such a positive experience. There is no comparison?no other funeral parlor could have left us feeling so satisfied and proud that we had "done right" by meeting Erin's and our needs so well. May you be richly blessed for the service you give. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.
— Kevin and Toni Simmons and Family
To all the lovely people at Starks, I truly appreciate your kindness to me and my family when Frank died and also your continuing communications with me?they always seem to come at exactly the right moment. Our holidays this year will be bittersweet?but I hope all of you will cerise the time with your loves ones.
— Linda and Family
Dear Jason, Shayneh, and Staff, Thank you so much for giving us the beautiful Christmas Ornament with my mom's (Verna Jones) picture in it. It brought tears to my eyes. What a very thoughtful gift. That was so kind of you all to think of us and her at this time of year. You guys are the best. I hope you all have a Merry, peaceful Christmas and New Year.
— Nita Mathesen and Family
Dear Jason and Shayneh Starks, Thank you for your assistance with my mom's service (Evelyn Hilden). Your kindness and professionalism's greatly appreciated. Starks Funeral Home definitely made my mom's service a beautiful affair.
— Lisa Hilden and Greg Kelly
Dear Jason and Staff, We would like to thank you for everything you have done for our family. You are so thoughtful and kind. The Reality of Grief Series has helped a lot. We also loved the Christmas Ornament with Zachary's picture, it hung on our tree in remembrance of him.
— Brian, Michelle Boehme and Family
Dear Jason and Shayneh, The Evelyn Hilden family wish to thank you for all your kindness show to us and our mother. We have told everyone about your service and exceptional care!
— Elayne Pacheco, Walter Wimmer, Anita Paulton, Cheryl Dubach, Karlette Jackson, David Hilden, and Lisa Kelly
Shayneh and the Starks crew, You all are angels. Thank you so much for your compassion and for creating a beautiful memorial for my brother. It was such a healing thing for so many people.
— Kelly Lovell
Thank you, During the time of sorrow we learn how much our family and friends really mean to us. Thank you so much for your kindness and sympathy at a time when it was deeply appreciated.
— Family of Randy Gittins JR.
Dear Shayneh, Jason, and staff, your thoughtfulness was appreciated. Thank you for your caring help and thoughtfulness to myself and my sister as I made a gravestone selection. You are always so kind!
— Mary Powers
Dear Staff and Owners, My husband and I wanted to tell you how much we appreciated the care you gave to hi Mother, Gloria Case, and all of our family. The concept you have developed was beautifully executed. The facility, the amenities and the staff were all as good as we could have hoped for. We wish you great success.
— Jane Garets Case
To the Starks family, Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. Your family had brought so much comfort and love during this horrible loss in our family. Harry meant so much to us and I believe you felt how much by the kindness you and your family treated us with. You all are like Angels put here to make everything a little easier for family's to cope. Jason, when you came to my home to get my brother, I felt no worries and I just knew you were going to treat him with all the care he deserved. Shayneh was so sweet and listened to everything I had to say and was so understanding and I can' thank you enough. Audrey was so patient with me when I was picking out pictures and not for one minute did she rush me through anything, she listened to all my stories for each picture. I called Lacie at least 10 times on the Sunday before the funeral and answered everything so sweetly and never with one bit of frustration and she even helped make sure I did not miss anything in the obituary. The way Jason and George made everything go so smoothly during the funeral was so amazing and I just want you to know how much this meant to me. It is so wonderful to know that there are still kind, loving people in the world and that I was lucky enough to have had you not only help me through this difficult time, you also blessed my family once before at Judge. I wish there was more I could do to show you my gratitude God Bless you all.
— Belen Hernandez Avila and Family
Jason and Shayneh, I told you in person, but i want to express to you again how much I appreciate you two and the way you take care of the families you service. I've seen it many times with many families, but it was driven home again with your care for Dawn (and Gene). You guys are awesome!!!
— Vince

Shayneh, Jason and George- Thanks so much to you and your stff for taking such great care of our mom, and us as we said goodbye to her. We all felt like this was the personal, warm, loving send off she would have wanted. Hope we see you around town, but also hope we don;t need your services anytime soon!

— The Naughton Family
It's hard to express how thankful we are-Your staff has been so incredibly kind. You gave us a priceless gift! Thank you for creating a place where families can come together to say goodbyes. My mother's funeral services were everything we could have wanted and more.
— The Neff Family
Dear Shayneh, Thank you so much for your care of my father in his last couple of days. I felt so peaceful in your home and you were so kind. You must hear this a lot, but I loved my dad so much- I will never be the same without him. He looked so sweet there and it was so comforting to know how sincerely you and your staff cared about him and his wishes. It means so much to me. My experience with you was everything I needed it to be and I will forever remember your kindness and the care you gave my daddy.
— Anne Pia
Jason and Shayneh, Thank you so very much for the kind and understanding care you've provided this last week. Knowing Tim's care and our arrangements are in your hands has provided us with terrific comfort.
— Nisha and The Burke Family
Jason and Shayneh, Words can't express the gratitude we have for your compassion and generosity.The loving and thoughtful way that you carried out the graveside services for our little Houston will be remembered and carried in our hearts forever! We pray that God will bless you with all that you deserve. For all that you have done, thank you from the bottom of our hearts.
— Nate and April Nielsen
At a time of crisis I am sending fond thoughts to you. The funeral for my son, Steven Halladay, was brilliant in that you gave us all the freedom to send him off in a style he would be very happy with. As you may have guessed, he was a bit of a rebel! You have touched my life with calm and comfort by your caring and sensitive ministration of the situation. I would send you flowers but I think you probably get enough of those!
— Dyan Rowe
Starks Funeral Parlor, To all who helped with the arrangements and care of my precious niece Rachel Cazier, Thank you! Especially to Jesse and Audrey. Your care and kindness to my sister Brenda and her husband Brad and the rest of the family was amazing. This was my first time to experience a "wake" type funeral service, and it was awesome. The way you took Rachel's mementos, photos, wheel chairs,etc and displayed them was beyond beautiful! Jesse had told us, not to worry, that it would be beautiful, and he was right! It was more than we could have asked for or expected! The food and drink and wait staff that night were wonderful! The music (harpist and violin) beautiful! The gentlemen that helped with the parking and umbrellas were also wonderful. Words truly cannot express what a peaceful, cared for feeling we all experienced during this time of great sorrow (yet joy). It was a small yet intimate gathering of those who loved and will miss Rachel the most. Thank you for a blessed experience! Your parlor and staff are truly professional and caring. Thank you for allowing the immediate family just a bit more time at the end of the service--we never felt rushed or were made to feel that it was an inconvenience-- And we all know that you have families and lives to get home to--and we so appreciated your patience! God Bless you!
— Janeal Musser
Dear Starks Funeral Parlor, We would like to extend our deepest appreciation for your care and services during a very difficult time. I admire the manner in which you run your business as you go far beyond what is expected. I felt the love and care from each one of your staff members before, during, and after my husband's memorial. A special thanks to Dave Hahn for his extraordinary entertainment; what an amazing guitarist and vocalist. The food was also wonderful as well as the way in which everything was presented.
— Raleen Nunley and Family
I appreciate your kind, professional care during our nightmare. Your staff was very helpful and good to all of us. You have a great family and wonderful people.
— Jim Williams
Jason, I cannot begin to thank you and tell you how much you helped us. From the moment you and your father walked into out home, my sister and I felt a sense of trust and peace. I knew it was ok to let Dad leave with you. It meant so much to see you carry him with such care and dignity. The ability to come and visit with Dad throughout the week also helped us get used to the idea of Dad being gone. He looked so amazing- just the right amount of make-up. He looked like my dad-before he got sick. The graveside service was so nice- and having you preside over it was so helpful. We cannot tell you how much we appreciated you getting the the two girls Boutonnieres . that made them feel more involved and they were so proud to wear them. Having you take 16 photo frames to each guest was a lifesaver. You got every single person. From start to finish- you and your staff were incredible. Your building is so warm and inviting. You found a way to make a sad time more palatable. Please don't ever doubt the significance of what you do, how you do it, and the lasting impression you leave with surviving family members. Thank you so much for everything!
— Kathy Nielson
Dear All of you at Starks 
It would take me hours to write each of you a thank you because I have so much to be thankful for and I know you are a ?team'! 
You made things relatively easy for me, thank you! You made Adele's life look more amazing than I ever could have desired, thank you! You took care of all the ?details' that I would have overlooked, thank you. You made her final ?debut' one that I know she would have been so happy with! Thank you. You went beyond by picking up and delivering the food-Thank you.  
You confirmed for me that a year ago when I was ?planning', Starks has the ONLY and BEST option, thank you! My heart is so grateful for everything! You will always be remembered as the greatest group of people ever!
— Thank you so so very much! Karen and Stan Brown
Thank you for all your help with J'Neil's funeral. Your staff was incredible to the family and guests and your building reminded everyone of the old church in Wanship. 
Your kindness will always be remembered.
— Thank you again, J'Neils Family
Jason & Shayneh Starks, We just wanted to say thank you again for the beautiful memorial and burial you hosted for Chris Blodgett. We appreciated the loving care and support as well as the amazing attention to detail by you and your staff. You really took care of us and allowed us to grieve, remember and honor our son/brother/husband Chris in a way that was so personal and unique. We will never forget the experience you provided and will definitely recommend you to others.
— Blodgett, Howard and Shemwell families
Starks, Thank you for your exceptional service and caring. Virginia McCarter would have been very pleased. Jason and Jessie were outstanding.
— Ted and Jan Johnson
Dear Jason and Shayneh, Please forgive the format of this note. I would like to have written it on a nice card but what I have to say won't fit on a 3x5 card. I wanted to express my gratitude and appreciation for your kindness and compassion in handling the services for my husband. From the time he was delivered to your hands until we placed his remains in the crypt, you treated him with respect and tenderness. I was so impressed with the effort you put into the memorial service. From the amazing framed photos to the classic old hearse, it was a touching yet uplifting celebration of who Rick Julio was. I received numerous comments on how great the memorial was and how positive the vibe was. I overheard many people saying 'oh, I didn't know Rick did that!', or 'What a wonderful life he had.' Those comments gave me comfort knowing Rick had lived his life to the fullest and it wasn't wasted. The memorial pendant and the etched crystal of Rick that you gave me were so unexpected and very touching. I keep it in my car so I can have his image in front of me whenever I'm driving. Rick and I had been together for over 31 years when he passed. We had a relationship that most people never achieve. He was not only my best friend and parter, he was me and I was him. His passing has left a huge gaping hole in me that I struggle to accept every day. I thought I was being brave and strong until i received the wonderful note from you with the booklet on grieving. It was only then that I was able to let go and start the true grieving process. I cry a lot and miss Rick every second of every minute of every day. I know it will get better, but I will never get over it. Your kindness and thoughtfulness after the services were over have helped make it possible for me to move forward and I am grateful to you for that. I believe you have found your true calling in life. The comfort you give to others in their darkest times is a gift few can give. I wish you both much success and will hold you in my heart forever.
— Lisa Julio
I can't begin to tell you how incredibly touched and overwhelmed I was by how 'perfectly' you displayed Mom's memorabilia. From the 'bowling balls' at the doorway, the 'star' hanging in the entrance, and the 'special room' that honored her was 'unbelievable'! In my wildest dreams I never could have imagined such artistry, elegance and tenderness. From the exquisite frames on all our pictures, the display of all her treasures, the superb photo DVD and delicious food, and the gorgeous facility, it was absolutely 'perfect'. So many people have written and spoken of what a 'wonderful' tribute you did for my mom and what a perfect place we found for celebrating my Mom's life. I feel so blessed we found you and continually thank my lucky stars for you being in my life at that time.
— Cathy Brimley and the Family
You made our tribute to my mother's amazing life so beautiful! It was just perfect and much more than I had ever expected. The setting was so elegant and yet it felt upbeat and happy. My mother looked beautiful and content. It was just perfect! I would guess that my Mother felt very honored, loved, and appreciated! I am sure that she was there in "spirit". I will always be grateful to you both.
— Carole Drecksel
To Jason and Shayneh 
Thank you so much for taking such wonderful care of our mother Sophia and of us.  
Your home is warms and welcoming this is something our mother would have wanted.
— Yours in Christ, Jacqueline Klapak, Valerie Casey, Frances Ratigan
Dear Shayneh + all those at Starks: 
I wanted to thank you for the amazing work you did in putting together my dad's wake and funeral. My family was very distressed and there were a lot of things you had to deal with in a very short amount of time. You dealt with all of our requests with amazing patience and understanding. I felt like you really were concerned for us and wanted to do the best you could- which you did. Everything ended up being perfect and we could not have asked for more. My dad would have been pleased- is there anything more to day then that? Thank you, thank you , you made the saddest time in our lives a little easier and we appreciate it. I wish you and the business all of my best! We will be singing your praises. Keep dong what you do.
— Thanks again, Tajha Tenara
Dear Starks Funeral Parlor,  
Thank you for the very fine services you extended to our family before, during and after our mother's funeral, everything turned out beautiful. Thank you for helping us through this difficult time.
— The Cotterman Family and Jones Family
Dear Jason and Shayneh,  
I just wanted to thank you both again for such a nice job you did for my mom's viewing and funeral. Mom looked like she was sleeping, so peaceful. I was just so pleased with how everything turned out. The pictures that you enlarged were a nice touch. It was so thoughtful of the fellow that picked mom (Verna) up a the Wentworth to be so caring with mom and give me a beautiful flower. May God Bless you for all of your kindness. Thank you again.
— Love, Nita Matheson and Family
To the Staff at Starks; 
Nothing is harder than saying goodbye to someone you love. Thank you so much for all you did for us everything was so nice.
— Pat, Debbie, Laurie and Ken
Dear Jason, Shayneh, Audrey and Tony,  
On behalf of our family and friends, I want to thank you for all you did to make the memorial gathering on February 11, 2013 very beautiful and welcoming to all who came to honor Clane Bradford Hale, my dear brother.  
That big room was perfect for the purpose and you did such an artistic presentation with the flowers, pictures and candles. Everyone enjoyed wandering around looking at everything and visiting, recalling memories of Brad, etc.  
The presentation of the American flag by Tony to Brad's wife, Monica was a real tear-jerker but wonderful! 
The ?prayer cards' turned out very lovely too and the obituary in the Deseret News was great.  
Thank you for every lovely detail! 
Cherie Hale for the whole family 
To all the staff at Starks Funeral Parlor,  
Thank you for all you did for our family in our sister Jill's passing. You helped us through a rough time. All of you were wonderful.
— Thanks For Everything, The Hodge Family
Starks Funeral Parlor,  
Thank you for much Jason, Shayneh, Audrey and Lacie. Working with you on my fathers (Jack Mackintosh) death was a pleasure. You were very kind, professional and caring to me and my family. I wish you the best in your business.
— Thanks again to you and your staff! Loralee, Daring and Jill Loftis
Jason and Shayneh Starks,  
I want to give you a special thank you for your services. you and the staff were very kind, patient and thoughtful. Your facility was beautiful, the picture display was especially nice.  
Thank you!
— Thank you! Helen and George Powers
To the Staff of Starks,  
When my mom was ailing and her death was imminent there was no question in my mind who I would call to handle her arrangements. After just experiencing the most incredible wake for my father-in-law (Don Chin) the ease that I felt in knowing who to contact gave me great comfort.  
Thank you for that.  
We hold you ALL in great esteem.
— Sincerely, Jon Dewey
I wanted to thank you for sending me information about grieving. You guys did an awesome job for my younger brother- Kelly Curtis.  
This has been the hardest thing we ever had to deal with in my life and the grieving book has helped me realize I'm being ?normal'.
— Thank you again for everything! Cristy Curtis
To Jason and Shayneh and Staff,  
Thank you for the celebration of life so special for moms farewell. It was just what she had wanted. The evening was magical.
— Thank You so very much, Duane Layton and Family
Dear Starks,  
Thank you for your wonderful treatment of my mother in law and our family during recent loss. Your kindness and grace made Leslie's passing easier for us all. I want to personally thank Shayneh for her willingness to be flexible and understanding. Our experience was one that we will remember fondly in such a difficult time.
— Thank you! Noelle and Patrick Jone
To the Starks Family, especially Shayneh, Lacie and Jesse. We wanted to Thank You so very much for your kindness and your help and support during and after Mike's service. Everything was beautiful, the DVD was perfect and the music and pictures were a true tribute to Mike.  
Thanks again for your love and support to our family during this difficult time.
— Love, Rhea, Ashley and Kathryn Brine God Bless
Dear Shayneh,  
My sisters and I want you to know how grateful we are for everything you did to take such good care of our mother, Norma Cole. No detail went unnoticed because everything was so beautiful. We will always have good memories because of your kindness and care in our time of need.
— Thank you so much, Elly, Sherry and Teri
Dear Staff of Starks Funeral Parlor,  
My personal experience with you staff was one of quality, care, attention to detail, human touch and professional service. 
Thanks to your assistance, the details of my mother's funeral were meticulously planned. In deed your facility provided a elegant sanctuary for the celebration of my mother's life.
— Sincerely, Marilyn Jensen
Dear Starks Family---Shayneh,  
I know this is such a late thank you, but I just wanted to be sure you knew how touched we all were by the wonderful Christmas ornament of my Mom. I can't begin to tell you how 'amazed' we are by your incredible generosity and thoughtfulness. You are all such amazing people and I love you for the comfort and compassion you give to the people you have worked with.  
I was able to go and visit my brother who lives in Arizona this Christmas we reminisced for hours about how special Mom's celebration was-- and how you made it perfect in every way. On Mother's Day, my daughter put together a book of photographs at Mom's wake. It is such a treasure... some day i'll have to share it with you. Each photograph brings such tender memories and for that I will be eternally grateful to you all. We continue to sing your praises to everyone we know and even random strangers and we will continue to be forever 'grateful' for all you've done for our family. The booklets you have sent us on bereavement have been warm and comforting. For all the incredible things you have done, we thank you again and again from the 'bottom of our hearts'.  
'Bless you All'
— Much Love, Cathy Brimley and her Family
Angels are among us 
They surround us through our days. 
Paving a path of love and joy 
Giving in so many ways 
Never forget your giving heart 
Has influenced those you know 
Your noble compassion in this life 
Is the greatest gift to bestow 
To the 'Starks Family' you are all truly 'Angels'! 
Thank you, THANK YOU from the very 'bottom of our hearts and souls' for EVERYTHING!!!
— Much love to you 'ALL' Rick and Cathy Brimley and the Family Steve and Roger Card
Dear Starks Staff, Jason, Shayneh, Audrey, Tony and Lacie,  
Through the most difficult time of our lives, I can say we treasure many moments- most to them provided by you because of your vision and commitment to making the process of grieving comfortable, loving, and YES, even celebrating! Next time (oh no!) we'll plan a video of the music and open microphone! 
Thank you for your loving care and concern throughout.  
'who knew heaven was so high?' 
Eddie's Balloon by David Fetzer
— Love, Betsey Ross and the Fetzer Family
Shayneh and Jason 
Also the entire Staff at Starks 
Thank you for everything that you have done for Charlene DeSpain to make an unpleasant situation as pleasant as I never thought possible- Not only hair and makeup but caring enough to go and buy scarves and picking just the right one-Taking pictures of all the flowers, putting the cards with each picture and the ribbon with each one- The video, and I just received the ornament in the mail (it made me cry) what a nice touch that I did not expect. I would like to wish all of you at Starks a very happy and safe holiday season.  
— Thanks again for everything, Dick DeSpain
Dear Shayneh, 
I've put this off way too long, but I wish to thank you for your nice note you sent after the services for Jackie. She often said you were to be her first choice for her funeral. I will certainly recommend you to all.  
— Thanks again, Robert P. Kelleher
Dear Jason, Shayneh and the team at Starks Funeral Parlor,  
Thank you all for helping the Adcocks celebrate Clive's life in such a beautiful way. A wonderful service! So many friends and family have said, 'that's what I want'.  
— Yours in friendship, Pat, Craig, Kirk and Greg
We thank you for the gentle care of Aunt Helen. We have peace.
— Sylvia and Lisa
Dear Jason and Shayneh,  
We and our extended family are so appreciative of the assistance you provide to me and our mother, in so many ways, after her passing. It was a pleasure working with you.  
— Rich and Suzanne Robinson
Dear Staff of Starks 
There are simply no words to express my heartfelt thanks for the amazing services you provided to my family and I. Brent would have loved it. The service and entire staff are equally amazing as that night. Thank you for the beautiful urn and above all the sympathy towards us and the respect showed towards my late husband. We are all deeply grateful to you all.  
— Sincerely, Rachel DePasquale
Dear Shayneh and Staff, 
With much heartfelt gratitude I want to thank you ever so much for the kindness, generosity and big hugs during a very grievous time. I appreciate the idea, suggestions and macaroons going through this process making the path so much easier. Family and friends all commented on how welcoming your "home' was and every detail attended to.  
— Again Thank You! Linda
Dear Jason & Shayneh Starks and Staff 
Working with you was the best idea I have ever had. You're the greatest and am still singing your praises. My grandma was sent off with the best tribute because of Starks. Thank you, thank you. I will always recommend your services to anyone that asks. 
— Sincerely, Dean Anesi
Dear Jason and Shayneh Starks and staff, 
Thank you for the wonderful service you provided for the Wake of Louis Pannunzio. 
In this time of such sorrow, it was a comfort to have you as well as you staff to help us make the arrangement with such care. We especially appreciated the different approach to the final farewell of our Dad who was more precious to us than the finest or biggest diamond.  
The special attention to detail was wonderful; the photos, the DVD, the service of food and wine and the greeters at the door. Our friends and family were moved by the beautiful ambience of the event.  
— Sincerely, Diane P Scott and Family
Dear Jason and Shayneh,  
Thank you for your caring and sensitive manner in handling the funeral and burial of our beloved Lyman.  
Your attention to detail and professionalism made the process effortless on our part.  
The celebration of life was overwhelmingly received by our family and friends with praise for your staff and your beautiful facility.  
The memorial CD, along with the framing and display of our pictures enabled everyone to remember Lyman and why we all loved him.  
I know in my heart that Lyman also appreciated all that you did and agreed with our decision to use Starks Funeral Parlor.  
Your warmth and sympathy will be remembered.  
— Thank you, again, Margaret Littlefield
Jason and Shayneh,  
Just want to say thank you for providing the wonderful wake for our sister Kate last month. So very glad to have your 'parlor' available to our community! Please give our thanks to the staff!
— Cordially, members of the Aloia and the Cordova Families

Dear Shayneh, Since the wonderful evening we spent with you, I have received such wonderful feedback about you, your philosophy, and your commitment to caring. How blessed we all are to have you right here among us all, providing care, compassion and tenderness with everyone you encounter. Everyone I know is recommending you, without reservation. Thank you so very much for just a taste of the warm hospitality you provide for everyone. And thank you, too, for the delicious food

— A grateful family
Dear Shayneh,  
Thank you for a delightful evening at your funeral parlor. I was so impressed with your sensitivity, tenderness and respect for families and their loved ones. I have received several comments on how much those who attended enjoyed being there with you. You certainly helped my husband and me know that we will call you if and when we lose a loved one. Bless you in the tremendous service you are providing.  
Thank you also for the wonderful food it was delicious.  
— Linda Spencer, Volunteer and Bereavement Coordinator
Dear Shayneh and Jason,  
Just a short note to say thank you for the lovely booklets on grief you sent to me.  
Your kindness and personal attention you gave to me in my time of need, will be remembered always.  
— Sincerely, Anne R
You did much more than 'direct our funeral'. We appreciate your compassion, sensitivity, support and patience with all of us. You make arranging all the details possible to create a beautiful good-bye for Jennie despite the long distance and holiday problems
— God bless you and your work Susan and Brent
Dear Shayneh and Jason,  
My heart is so incredibly grateful to you both for taking such good care of my brother, Clayton, my family and friends. You provided me with such comfort and peace of mind during what has been the most difficult time. You are truly a blessing to us.  
Several people mentioned to my mother how impressed there were with your services and the comfort of the funeral home. You will have great success.  
Please accept this as my sincere gratitude to you both and your wonderful staff and musician.  
— Thank you for your kindness and heart felt compassion Vicki Howard
Jason and Shayneh,  
Thank you so much for making my Grandmothers services it was so calming and nice. It was wonderful to get to know you better. Thanks for treating my dad so wonderfully, he thinks the world of you and your children! May you always be blessed for the work you do! 
— Thanks, Shelly and Shane Gonzales
Dear Jason, Shayneh and Staff,  
On behalf of the Scharf family, thank you for the beautiful services you provided for Germaine Scharf.  
We appreciated the solemn yet relaxed atmosphere and your great attention to detail. You cannot possibly know how much your work comforted us! Thank you again for everything.  
— Our heartfelt gratitude, Jenny Scharf
Dear Shayneh,  
Thank you for the wonderful experience you provided our staff yesterday. The ambience immediately enveloped us as we were able to see through your eyes, the beauty of the services you provide your clients, families and loved ones. We applaud you for living your dream and allowing families this gracious alternative to our culturally traditional funeral experience. 
— Sincerely, Bristol Hospice
Dear Shayneh,  
Thank you once again for taking the time today to meet with us, it is easy to see why you are so highly thought of, and we look forward to working with you in the future.  
— Visiting Angels, David Slick- Director, Rebecca Done, Service Coordinator
We sincerely appreciate all that you did for us, making it possible to bring Micade back to Vernal.
— The Family of Micade Horrocks
Jason and Shayneh,  
Thank you so much for your time yesterday! What an amazing couple you are. You rally seem to have found your niche and are working for it! We both were so impressed. Take care, and again Thank You! 
— Kathy and Jennifer
Dear Jason, Shayneh, Melissa, Audrey, and Chris,  
Thank you so much for ministry, love and support for me and my family following Oscar's death. Every event turned out to be a great tribute to Oscar and so comforting to me and his grieving children. I'm so happy to have chosen to do the wake as it was a beautiful way to prepare for the funeral.  
God Bless You All! 
Everything was first class- the music, the food, the setting, the funeral, the burial- 
— Debbie Adams
Dear Shayneh and Jason,  
Thank you so much for treating Mary with such love, respect and gentle care. It meant so much to us! You gave us so much comfort and made us feel like family. 
Thank You! 
— Len and Lydia Nadeau
To all of you,  
Thanks for everything all of you were wonderful 
— Joe
Dear Staff of Starks Funeral Parlor,  
We cannot thank each of you enough for the beautiful, personal and wonderful memorial and burial you hosted for Brian Barnard. Everything was perfect and meant so much to those closest to Brian and everyone who visited to say good-bye. Relay our warmest thanks to everyone behind the scenes and those we worked with directly. Your hard work made a big difference at such a difficult time.  
— The Barnard Family Angie, Stewart, Krista, Heather, and many more.
Dear Jason and Shayneh Starks  
The journey to say goodbye to Charlie was long much easier because of your extreme kindness and support to all of the Thomas family- especially Brands and their 4 children. The dignity of your beautiful services was so comforting! We want to let you know you both touched our hearts in a special way.  
So, from the bottom of our heats, deep thanks and gratitude,  
— Herb and Jane Morch
We would like to thank you for your support and service you provided our family after the passing of our mom, grandmother, great-grandmother and wife, Lucienne (Lilly) Stokazu.  
Mom looked so beautiful, and you created a comforting environment where we were able to say our final goodbyes. We also appreciated how much help you provided our Dad in finding just the right urn, taking care of all the details, and delivering everything to him personally.  
These extra details helped so much during this sad and difficult process. 
Thank you for your kindness and sensitivity and for taking food card of our mom, Lilly, and our family during this difficult time 
— Lilly Slokazu
When my husband, Alton, passed away, I was in a state of grief, unable to make a decision about what to do next. Fortunately, the grief counselor at Jordan Valley Hospital gave me some suggestions and gave me her recommendation for your Home. What a wonderful thing to have happen. Your services were just what I wished them to be. A celebration of life. In this year since, the pamphlets you sent were so welcomed and helped me understand what I was going through.  
The best thing, though, was the thoughtful card you sent on his birthday. My family and I were just taken aback at the strength of emotions we went through on his birthday, and the anticipation of the anniversary of his death has been very stressful for all of us. I read the card to my daughters and they were comforted as well. You are all in our hearts for the beautiful way you've handled this year.  
— Joan Sass, Susan Show, Jodi Johnson and Lise Letcher
Dear Friends, 
You have been a warm comforting support for me following the loss of my mom. The holidays are tough. I used to pick mom up daily and now, during the holidays, her absence is more pronounced. Each of us have a very short time here. Thanks to each of you for enhancing my life experience.
— Reba Wilcox &
I would like to take this time to thank you on the excellent job you did in helping us make those difficult decisions. Everyone will have a wonderful memory of celebrating Justin's life. It was as if you understood our sorrow and loss. Thank you for making us feel so comfortable.  
— Keith Jones
Thank you so much for your great help with Oscar's wake, funeral and now finally his headstone. Every thing that you do is always first class. The biggest benefit is to now have you as my friends.
— God Bless, Debbie Adams
On behalf of my self and family I would like to extend my/our 'Thank You' for your outstanding service that was given on behalf of our Beloved Mother Gavina Archuleta (service). I cannot say enough about how beautiful your parlor is and the entire presentation was absolutely perfect!  
You made our broken heart journey from California that much easier. Thank you so much!!! 
— Tina Jimenez

Thank you again for your real generous offer to provide the beautiful orchids for the main altar at the Cathedral. They will hold so much to our celebrations in and out of session. It is a wonderful way to give thanks to the faith.

— Msgr. Mayo
I deeply and sincerely apologize for my delinquent response in getting this letter of thanks to you and the wonderful team of people at Starks. I can't begin to tell you what a comforting and heartfelt experience my family and I had and how much we appreciate all you did to make that difficult time in our lives so special, so stress free and so memorable. 
We have reminisced so much on all the special things you did for us. The gravesite was so beautifully decorated and sweet Brady stood by us so patiently as we focused our thoughts, placed Mom's ashes, prayed, cried, laughed, hugged and just sat round spending time with each other. Without a doubt, it was the best funeral experience I've ever been to. Thanks to all of you and your wonderful accommodating manner. 
I can't begin to tell you how incredibly touched and overwhelmed I was by how perfectly you displayed Mom's memorabilia. From the bowling balls at the doorway, the star hanging in the entrance and the special room that honored her was unbelievable. 
In my wildest dreams I never could have imagined such artistry, elegance and tenderness. From the exquisite frames on all our pictures, the display of all her treasures, the superb photo DVD and delicious food and gorgeous facility, it was absolutely PERFECT. So many people have written and spoken of what a wonderful tribute you did for my mom and what a perfect place we found for celebrating my mom's life. I feel so blessed we found you and continually thank my lucky stars for you being in my life at that time. 
May I elaborate...The food was sensational--okay, I didn't eat anything until the very end, but wow! Kudos to the chef. Everyone LOVED the food. The live music was awesome, just what mom would have loved to dance to. The slide show of mom's pictures was AMAZING. I can't imagine the time it took to put that together--Holy Cow! 
The service and your staff was unbelievably accommodating and so family friendly. Where did you find such a sweet group of people? The entire facility was absolutely beautiful from top to bottom. We over extended our stay by a couple of hours, but you were all so sweet to let us unwind and gather ourselves after the informal service. Thank you for letting us stay and enjoy your beautiful home as long as we did. 
But then....your thoughtfulness didn't stop there. Not only did you pack all the items up...(I can't imagine how much time it took just to take all the pictures out of the frames) but you delivered them to our home. Who does that?? THE AMAZING PEOPLE FROM STARKS! And there, amongst mom's things were gifts abounding. Thank you, thank you for the DVD of all of mom's pictures. What a special, special treasure to have. You even gave me those two CDs of gorgeous music, which I play all the time. However, the thing that brought tears to my eyes and even a deeper appreciation and gratitude for you was that sweet letter you wrote about Mom's birthday and if we needed any emotional help or guidance you would be there to help. In all my live long days, I have never known such kindness and such giving people. My goal in life is to be like you! 
There are no words to describe my gratitude and appreciation for all you did for me and my family. I will remember you forever in the most special place in my heart. I feel I owe you so much. I also feel blessed to have experienced you in my life. Thank you, thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart and soul for all that you did and all that you do for people going through difficult times in their lives. You are truly AMAZING and I love you for what you did for us. 
Bless your Hearts.
— Cathy Brimley & Family
This is very, very overdue, but I wanted to write to tell you what a great job I think you do. I've only attended one visitation that was done so well. It sounds odd, but it was a really nice evening--lots of friends, people were relaxed, loud laughter--really exactly as it should be. I hope I'm not a customer too soon--but I've already let my partner know that I want exactly what he had!
— Anonymously sent by someone attending a viewing
Your expression of love was so moving. At times the pain is unbearable- as if our hearts are being squeezed in a callused fist making it difficult to breathe. Your caring words and gestures revised that feeling to a feeling of being sheltered in the palms of caring hands. The prayer flag hands on our porch. The cards and candle serve as reminders to breathe exhale and feel the connectedness of friends and spirit
— George and Emily
Thank you for serving Mildred (mom) and being such a good friend to Catharine. Your spirit of professionalism, generosity, fun and spirituality combine to create an experience that brings peace. 
May you continue to be blessed in every way 
P.S. and the hearse → Nirvana