An Intimate Sanctuary

At Starks Funeral Parlor, we are a small, tightly-knit family who are passionate about lovingly laying the departed to rest while offering peace and solace to those who mourn them. Our hearts and souls are poured into everything we do for you and we are committed to creating a deeply healing and meaningful tribute for your family. Those who entrust us with the care of their loved one will receive our inimitable service and our devoted attention.


We endeavor to create a comfortable and nurturing parlor that feels like an extension of home to those we serve. Whenever you arrive to visit, we make every effort to anticipate your needs. We aspire to help you to feel calm and peaceful. We hope to relieve your anxiety by getting details in order and understanding all the ways we can be of service to you. We wish to provide you with a safe, sacred space as you experience the many waves of emotions when you lose someone close to you.


Families who choose us do so because they wish for a dignified personal touch and comforting moments that are as remarkable and unique as their loved one.

A home for the bereaved
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