Weston Cannon Lee

January 29, 1989 - December 9, 2021

Weston had the biggest heart. Growing up in South Jordan he was near many kids and made friends with anyone he could. He was always quick to make new and lasting friends and would help any of them in need. Often without a thought for himself or what he would get in return.

He had a great passion and love for music, bowling, and adventure. In his passion for being a DJ, he created several original songs. All those who knew him could see his creativity and passion come to life in the videos he would post. He would frequently sit down to the piano and just start playing whatever came to him. He had only a small amount of training on the piano when he was younger but mostly played by ear as his father does. He was particularly proud of one song he composed and frequently played the beautiful melody for those around to enjoy.

He served in the Air Force for a short time but was very proud to have served his Country. He once lost his glasses while on duty and was provided a new pair. He quickly found that girls wouldn’t talk to him when he wore them, so he called them his “birth control devices”.

He was fearless in most of everything he did and loved to climb. In so much he really enjoyed his job because he would get to climb 300-foot cell phone towers where at times, he would hang upside down to work on equipment. He loved that he was able to work with his uncles and goof around with family at work. He was really good at an impression of Jim Carrey.

He had a great but trying life. When he was 11 years old, he was burned in an incident at Boy Scout Camp, leaving burns and scars over the majority of his body. From this, he had residual pain and soreness, especially after a hard day’s work. Yet he very rarely complained about it.

Despite his trials in life, he always tried to make his days great and create the best out of what he had.

He is survived by his Mother Cindy and step-Father Dave Wriglesworth, his Father Michael and step-Mother Macie Lee and his four loving sisters Venessa, Bergen, Brianna, and Portia. He also had a best friend and K-9 companion named Lynx that he adored. He was devastated when he had passed and now, they will be reunited.

We are all so sad your life was cut short at just 32 years old. The best years were still ahead of you. You were such an inspiration to all of us in so many ways.


A celebration of Weston's life will be held at Starks Funeral Parlor from 10 AM unti Noon on Saturday, December 18th, 2021.  He will be laid to rest at Hoytsville City Cemetery at a graveside service at 1:00 PM.