Rev. Ubald Rugirangoga

May 16, 1956 - January 7, 2021

In Loving Memory

We miss you so much Padre. I thank God for the gift of your friendship and the grace of your good example. You were the hardest working, most joyful servant the Lord could have asked for. Thank you for giving your life to God, your  strong faith and powerful story of forgiveness inspired so many people around the world!

Pray for us, we will be praying for you. Murakoze, turagukunda kandi Kuruhukira mumahoro. 

Polasky Family
Rest well Servant of God and many thanks for your live Rosary prayers.
In our hearts you will remain Fr Ubald! Thank you for your prayers for my family during healing masses. Keep on praying for us kuko udusize muri ya si y’ibibazo n’ibigeragezo.May Lord grant you Eternal peace, we will miss your healing masses we used to attend.
kigali, RW
I always wanted to attend your healing services and did not have a way. I sent you prayer intentions about my son Brandon, he is an alcoholic and you wrote back and said you would keep him in your prayers. I am going to continue to ask you to pray for him. I am praying for someone to help him. He has 5 children and is a good dad and husband. A good provider but he is so sick in alcohol. Thank You Father, you will be for all of us a Holy man from Heaven and healing all the more. Please pray for my family and friends. I love you, Cheryl Thomas ... also pray for my little daughter Sarah she is severely disabled and her and I would like your prayers
Cheryl Thomas
elliston, MT
Father Ubald, we will miss you all. "The Lord has given, and the Lord has taken away. May His name be blessed." (Job 1:21). Fr. Ubald you were an ordinary person who accomplished the extraordinary work in many ways. Thank you for being my good counselor in many ways since we met in 1984 to 1986. Young priest full of energy and love. I remember telling me that the only way to be connected with Jesus is to give him a time through Adoration, then you will be in touch with him like a good friend in your life. I don't doubt that you are with your twin Father Silas. Thank you for a true legacy (Center of Secret Peace) of a perpetual presence. I am sure you will continue to use your gift of healing, forgiveness and peace. Thank God for the wonderful gift of life you gave to our country Rwanda and to the world. May you R.I.P Sister Marie J.
Sister Marie J. Mukabayire
kalamazoo, MI
Rest well servant of God You lived your life to fulfill God’s mission assigned to you: we pray that we would also imitate your good deeds of mercy and reconciliation ���� Rest in Peacet
Angellah Kayesu
kigali, RW
Rest well servant of God You lived your life to fulfill God’s mission assigned to you: we pray that we would also imitate your good deeds of mercy and reconciliation ���� Rest in Peacet
Angellah Kayesu
kigali, RW
Rest well servant of God You lived your life to fulfill God’s mission assigned to you: we pray that we would also imitate your good deeds of mercy and reconciliation ���� Rest in Peacet
Angellah Kayesu
kigali, RW
My deepest condolences upon the death of my friend, Fr. Ubald. I met father, first as a volunteer and later as the Operations Manager of The National Shrine of Our Lady of Good Help, in Champion, Wisconsin, Diocese of Green Bay. Father Ubald and I had become friends over the years and I appreciated his devotion to forgiveness, healing, and Our Lady, Mother of Mercy. His tenderness, compassion, and gentleness for those in need of physical, emotional, and spiritual healing was remarkable. Yet father was always working to draw attention away from himself and redirecting to the true healer, Jesus. Father Ubald was the instrument that God used in this century to witness to and provide for His son Jesus's love, mercy and forgiveness. By the power of the Holy Spirit, through the instrument of the sacraments, Fr. Ubald was gift given to us by God. True Apostle of Jesus Christ and true Apostle of Forgiveness. May the God of Love and Mercy grant unto Father Ubald His everlasting love and mercy and welcome him into the Heavenly banquet and grant him eternal rest. Eternal Rest Grant Unto Him O Lord and Let The Perpetual Light Shine Upon Him. May Father Ubald's soul and the souls of all the faithful departed through the mercy of God rest in peace. Amen.
Jeff Koss
de pere, WI
Rest In Peace Father Ubald. We continue to pray and forgive. Amen
holtville , CA
I am called Valence Rukesha from Kigali, Rwanda. I was suddended by the returning of Fr. Ubald to the Heavenly Father. Fr. Ubald, pray for us. My sincere condolences to the family of Fr. Ubald and the Diocese of Cyangugu as well as all his friends in Rwanda and beyond and, the Rwandan community in General. Condolences and sincere thanks to his friends in the USA who cared for him at his difficult moments. We have lost a saint here on earth but gained him in Heaven. I already undoubtedly believe that Fr. Ubald is already a saint. Ever since I encountered Fr. Ubald in the year 2003, I have never seen any other man like him. God was really with him. I praise God for having given to us this great gift of Fr. Ubald. I cannot express the joy I always had whenever I met him in the many healing masses he celebrated but also whenever I was blessed to meet him out of mass. The last day I met him and shook his hand was at the priestly ordination of his nephew (and my friend) and that picture remains in my eyes and my heart and his presence on that day was full of joyful moments. I thank God that Fr. Ubald has left us with the Secret of Peace and many other gifts especially the 5 Keys and trust that the work that God began in him will be perfectly completed until we meet him again in Heaven. I think that there is a lot of testimony (more than the world can accommodate on a paper or computer) on the life of Fr. Ubald and how God used him in an extraordinary way but I very much hope that most of this will be gathered and put in writing so that his life may help the generations to come (as we pray and wait for his quick canonization as a saint). We will miss you so much father but hope you remain with and beside us Saint Fr. Ubald, pray for us and present us to the Father for His Divine Mercy on us so that we too can come to Heaven and join you in praise and worship to the Holy Trinity. Amen. Valence M. Rukesha, Kigali.
Valence Rukesha
kigali , RW
We are sorry to hear about The passing ofFather Ubald. We will remember the wonderful masses he gave at Santa Maria depablo. To his family you are all in our prayers. RIP Father Ubald.
Lisa and jessica visconti
naples, FL
Sincere condolences to all who have been blessed by knowing this Godly Shepard who taught us the importance of forgiveness and reconciliation. As the world around us changes in many fronts, Fr Ubald and I agreed, “The Church does not change!” Until we meet again Fr Ubald, Rest In Peace and please pray for us! Jesus & Blessed Mother, plz kiss Fr Ubald for me and tell him “thank you”.
Donna Pelletier
naperville, IL
Rest in Eternal Peace, Father Ubald. I am sure that you are seated with our Lord Jesus. Now, you are forever in power to pray for us. Your legacy will live forever on. Fr Ubald, pray for us.
kigali, RW
Father Ubald it was an honor to meet you. I am forever grateful for the blessings and healings you bestowed upon my family and friends. I cannot believe your still seems impossible! May you enjoy your heavenly rewards . You forever will be missed!!!
Mary Kanoski
hometown, IL
Our family has been forever touched by sweet Father Ubald. He stayed with us while evangelizing in DC and we will never forget the joy, peace and incredible holiness he brought into our home. We are mourning his loss, but thanking God that He gave us the honor of knowing Father and having personal time to sit at his feet and learn. There is no one quite like Father Ubald nor anyone with such a beautiful smile and hearty laugh! God bless you, Father, for your love of Jesus, your sacrifice for so many, and the love you showed me and my family.
Marianne Fogelson
Fr Ubald. Your story inspired and strengthens me. your work here may be done but you left some might big shoes to fill. Rest In Peace.
Carol Leedy
south bend, IN
Thank you Fr. Ubald for touching the lives of my family while you came to Texas and Louisiana . I thank Immaculee for introducing you to us . And I thank all Rwandans who shared this beautiful priest with us . Pray for us Fr. Love, Trish
Dr. Patricia Harris
orange , TX
Deepest condolences to all whose lives were touched & blessed by Fr Ubald. This man of peace is now at peace in God’s heavenly kingdom. Please continue in Father’s honor to spread the love & peace of Gods word in your own lives
Jay & Louise Thomas
wallace , MI
Sincere condolences to all who loved father Ubald!!!! Let keep praying and do what he requested us during his preaching " forgiveness and love" . We will meet him again and glorify the Lord together!!!
Ngarambe Antoine
lyon, FR
Sincere condolences to all who loved father Ubald!!!! Let keep praying and do what he requested us during his preaching " forgiveness and love" . We will meet him again and glorify the Lord together!!!
kigali, RW
Words are simply not enough to express how devastated our family has been feeling since that fateful night of January 7th 2021. From presiding my Father's funeral mass years ago, to giving me my first communion, to marrying my sister, to giving us your niece Francine so she can live with us and to supporting us in so many other ways, you will always hold a special place in our hearts. We know you are with Jesus and we will see you again soon. In the meantime, we will terribly miss you! �� Lots of love, Nkubito family.
Nkubito family
indianapolis, IN
You will live forever in my Heart. Your dedication to Forgiveness and Reconciliation is great Legacy to the people of Rwanda. Rest in Eternal Peace our beloved Father����
kigali, RW
Gracias a JESÚS por todo lo que ha sido la vida del PADRE UBALD. En nombre de Jesús gracias por los Retiros que dirigió en Madrid y por sus carismas del ESPÍRITU SANTO. Le pido a Jesúscristo que ya le tenga en su abrazo y que siga intercediendo por nosotros. Ven Espíritu Santo en el nombre de Jesús
Raquel Pérez vieco
Have been and always will be in our Prayers!
William & Frances Hayes
algonquin illinois , I
Father Ubald, you touched my life with your incredible mission of forgiveness, with healing prayers, a brilliant smile, and deeply loving heart. We shared wonderous and funny moments. I am sad and angry that covid got in your way and into your body. No doubt you have been called to something greater. I do believe you are able to do so much more without the confines of your body in the loving arms of Jesus. As your family and friends mourn together we also walk with the message of peace and forgiveness within our cells. Rest in Peace Father.
Marcia Male
bishop, CA
RIP, Fr. Ubald, and thank you for your ministry and wonderful example!! ✝️��
Deacon George & Mary Reade
salt lake city, UT
Rest in Paradise Father Ubald Rugirangoga. Forever in my heart until the day, I meet you again in heaven. inoubliable date in my mind on08/01/2021���� Oooooh Lord, why? why? why?������ Fathet Ubald, I will never forget all the time, spent together in prayer. We will miss you for sure. feeling crying��
kigali, RW
Wir danken Dir, dass wir Dich kennenlernen durften. Nun haben wir einen Fürsprecher im Himmel. Wir bitten Dich für unsere Familienmitglieder. Du weißt um unsere Sorgen. Danke!!!!!
Karl und Christel Paar
a-8041 graz, A
Dear Father Ubald, May you joyfully embrace your Divine Savior, Jesus, for all eternity. The beautify documentary, Forgiveness, the Secret to Peace, is a wonderful tribute to the love and dedication you gave to your ministry.
Fr. John McHale
columbia, MD
We are so blessed to have spent such special times with you over so many years and to have been touched by the exquisite Grace that you imparted. We were always thrilled by your excitement and huge appreciative smile when I reached out to you in French. You were there for us at important times in our lives and we will hold you closely in our hearts. May you rest in peace Father Ubald.
Frances Pollak and Ernest LaBelle
jackson, WY
We trust that Father Ubald has entered the Eternal Kingdom of life and that he continues to pray for all of us on the earthly plane. With great gratitude to him for all those family and friends he prayed for and healed with his gift of healing. Thanks also to Katsey Long for bringing him here to Jackson and for shepherding him through his process. May we continue. To receive his blessings!
Michele & Lloyd Dorsey
jackson, WY
We are all saddened to see this great man of God depart from us as he has touched so many lives all over the world and has brought countless physical, spiritual and emotional healing to so many. Although we are sad go to see him depart from us, we are filled with joy to know he has gone to be with Our Lord and Our Lady whom he served so faithfully and for so many years. I am thrilled as well that he is once again reunited with his family and those he lost in the genocide. We were very blessed to have him come to Atlanta a number of times and several of my friends had profound healings as well as many others. Although he will be sorely missed we have the great joy and hope of one day being reunited with him and all the saints in Heaven one day for all eternity! We also now have an intercessor in Heaven! I know I speak for Fr Ubald in saying thank you to all those who assisted in his ministry in anyway and a special thanks to Katsey Long for all she did! Fr Ubald, rest in peace and thank you for all you did!!!
Greg Amaya
cumming , GA
Father Obald you have been a blessing to many including myself. Imana wakoreye ikwakire. we will always remember your noble heart
kigali, RW
Dearest Father Ubald! I know how valuable you've been in my life. As my storytelling could be summarized in "From Orphanage to Ordination", I always keep you in my heart. When I survived the Genocide against the Tutsi in 1994, after losing my parents and siblings, you cared for me, my dearest Uncle and Father to me! From the Orphanage, you raised me up to priestly Ordination; and now I'm a priest of the Lord. I remember when I was ordained a priest on 21st July, 2019 you told me that Jesus is our stronghold. This is one of the legacies, among others, I got from you, Father! So pray for me your son, to go on walking in your footsteps, following Jesus the Master. "Beyond the tomb there is right life!"
Rev. Fr. Valens
kigali , RW
REST IN PEACE,you will always stay in our hearts, I will always remember you through fasting prayer via Facebook as it was your habit. May God rest you in eternal peace, Amen.��
rusizi, RW
Our lives were forever changed when we heard Father Ubald’s story, attended healing masses and shared a few special moments after each mass. I was drawn to his light. His living example of forgiveness and healing truly is the secret of peace. Thank you for sharing your gifts with us. You will live in our hearts and inspire us by your example. You were one of a kind. Here is an Irish Blessing for Father Ubald: May the road rise up to meet you, May the wind be ever at your back May the sun shine warm upon your face And the rain fall softly on your fields And until we meet again, May God hold you in the hollow of his hand.
Sheila Whalen
Dearest Holy Man of God, thank you for your total yes to God that even encompassed us here in America. In 2019 I heard you praying on Relevant Radio. I was so moved by your connection with God that I knew you must come to my parish in Reedley, CA. Miraculously you came and did a Youth Rally and a two day Mission with healing Masses. I thought your message of forgiveness was for the parishioners only; but after nine months, it has taken root in my own life. I rejoice in your new life and pray for your intercession. I look forward to our laughter when we see each other again. May the God of all mercy hold you close.
Barbara Alaimo
sparks , NV
Dearest Fr Ubald, I don't know where to life has changed since the day I met you in October of 2016. Little did I know that as a result of your friendship, prayers, and God's great goodness, numerous physical healings and spiritual healings have happened in my family. I thank you for your ministry. I'm beyond blessed and fortunate to have been in your presence so many times these past 4 years. My heart is full of love and gratitude and I will never forget you. Jesus is alive, and I know you are right there at His side. Please keep me and my family and our world in your prayers before the heavenly throne. I look forward to seeing you again and seeing you smile and getting that big bear hug from you. I love you dear Fr Ubald. May your memory be eternal with all the Saints!
Suha (Sue) Sweiss
oak lawn, IL
Father Ubald you will be greatly missed. You changed our lives for the better. My husband Tommy and I will be forever grateful for having had the privilege of knowing you. We were blessed enough to attend your healing mass not once but twice. We were even more blessed to have been a part of a private small group mass with you through Internal Balance along with Tamara and Jude Mariea. We love you and know you are at peace with our Lord Jesus Christ. We will never forget you. May you Rest In Peace and intercede for us still here.
Darla Franklin
torbert, LO