Matthew Brian Seare

February 14, 1978 - October 30, 2022

Matthew Brian Seare was born with a shock of curly red hair on Valentine’s Day 1978.  What an entrance!  The nurses loved it.  As a boy, he had the kind of wild, chaotic energy that takes years off of parents’ lives and results in multiple trips to the ER.  Memory recalls Matt climbing to the top of a swaying pine tree, dive-bombing straight down a hill on skis at top speed with arms extended, knee-boarding behind a ski boat until he was shaking with cold, reanimating frozen grasshoppers from the freezer.  Luckily for all, this youthful exuberance was tempered with a kind heart, a soft spot for babies, and a fondness for animals.  Matt’s Mother was often heard to say that her greatest accomplishment was seeing Matt alive and with a high-school diploma at 18.

During those aimless, confusing days following high school graduation, Matt was fortunate to stumble upon a passion for cooking.  He graduated from the Western Culinary Institute in Portland, Oregon.  He had several varied and stimulating jobs in the field, culminating in his time as an Executive Chef.  The scars on his forearms were a testament to the time spent finding new and surprising ways to prepare bison, or make a roux, or develop a whole new menu for an up-and-coming restaurant.  He reconnected with an old high school friend, Shantell Pitts, who became the love of his life.  The two were married on a paddleboat on Lake Tahoe under the May sun in 2004.  Good times abounded.  Olivia Rose was born to the couple in 2008, and she was a bright spot in Matt’s life.  Fatherhood suited him.  The family hosted legendary pumpkin-carving and chili cook-off contests at Halloween.  They roasted vats of candied almonds each Christmas for gifts.  There was so much time spent camping, skiing, hiking and playing guitar.  Matt took up running, ultimately doing so in his very own Matt-style as a barefoot runner.  There was an iconic picture featuring him and his bare feet in the Salt Lake Tribune.

Unfortunately, Matt lost his beloved Shantell to cancer in 2014.  He was devastated and it changed him.  He spent time outdoors with friends camping as often as possible.  His demons began to chase him and were harder and harder for him to ignore.  We lost him in the days leading up to Halloween 2022 in a way that was somehow both brutally swift and painfully interminable.  It was far too soon.  He is survived by his daughter Olivia, his parents Susan and Jerry, his step-mother JJ, his sisters Jen and Chelsea, his step-brother Tanner, his mother-in-law Cheri, as well as a large circle of extended family and friends.  He will be remembered as an open and friendly person who could talk to anyone, who was quick with a joke or a laugh.  Brother, son, father, uncle, cousin, friend, we miss you terribly.  

The family are planning a private remembrance ceremony.