Drayke Andrew Hardman

May 26, 2009 - February 10, 2022

Drayke was born to heal this world, from the time he opened those big blue eyes until the day he took his last breath he Loved, he loved with every single part of his being. He loved to make people laugh, and he always wanted them to have a friend. Once you were Drayke's friend you were stuck forever. 

He was our old soul that never wanted to grow up. He wanted to just be a kid forever. 

This boy knew love, every single day of his life, he was our world, my world, his dads world, his sisters world... we revolved around this boy.. To know Drayke was to love him, he had a fire that lit for people, his witty personality and those baby blue eyes won over the world. He is our boy, the one person that at any given point would just stop and give us hug, tell us a million times a day " I just Love you", Drayke lived all things basketball and JAZZ to say he was obsessed was an understatement . He always told his dad and Sisters he was going to be the shortest NBA star, so he could team up with D. Mitchell and they could conquer basketball.. 

Buddy, you are your moms forever "Little Love", you are your daddy's forever hunting guide, and you are now the forever protector of your big sisters. We're not sure how we navigate this life without you. We were supposed to spend the rest of our lives loving you, and instead you spent the rest of yours loving us. Until we get to hug you again Grandma says "Be Careful" 

Our hearts are shattered, we don't know how to fix it, or if we ever will, but we will spend every minute teaching kindness in the memory of our favorite pal. 

I can't begin to express how thankful we are for our people, for the calls, the texts, all the messages. We hear you and we absolutely love you to the ends of our souls. 

*We would love to express a BIG THANK YOU, to the First Responders, and to all the nurses and Drs at Primary Childrens Hospital for doing everything to save our boy. 

*Thank you to Scholar Academy for Loving Drayke and helping with any needs he had. Teach Kindness and #doitfordrayke 

Friends are invited to celebrate his life and share your memories with the family on Friday, February 18th from 6:00 until 9:00 PM at Starks Funeral Parlor, 3651 South 900 East, Salt Lake City.  Guests are encouraged to use parking and entrance on the north side of the building.  His funeral service will be private, but will be posted on this site for all to watch on demand after February 22nd.