Erica Ann Erekson

April 3, 1954 - December 22, 2021

Erica Ann Erekson was born to John Arion and Helen Patch Erekson on April 3, 1954.  She passed away on December 22, 2021 after a long struggle with multiple health issues.

Erica was an irresistible, glorious force!  She was gorgeous, exciting, brilliantly funny, intelligent, a gifted and accomplished singer etc. – descriptions which barely touch on her wonder and beauty.

Erica grew up on a dairy farm in Murray, Utah with a large family who she loved and adored.  They consisted of Jay Erekson, Arilyn Jensen, Mark and Raani Erekson, Lynne VanTreese, Reid and Orianna Erekson, Wendy Erekson and Susan and Bill Cronkrite, plus all of their many children and grandchildren.  Some of her best stories included her beloved family members. 

She sang and performed in Granite High School and later graduated from Cottonwood High School.  She attended USU in 1972 where she was a lead singer with many groups and bands.  She was selected by Singer/actor John Davidson to study at his Singer Summer Camp and was chosen by him to appear and sing on TV’s Mike Douglas show.  Her performance was riveting, beautiful and touching in every way.  Erica was a frequent performer in SLC’s Little America Lounge for many years.  She sang in several events and later branched into Real Estate helping many find the perfect home.

Her love and generous influence were widespread to her family, extended family members and to her many friends who loved and cherished her dearly – people who were supported by her sweet compassion and quick wit during their many life trials.  Her highest aspiration in life was to be a good Auntie to all her nieces and nephews – an aspiration which she successfully mastered with love, kindness and excellence, and of course, large doses of humor and fun. Aunt “Ploppy” will be missed.

Erica was an extraordinary lady.  She always had a smile, a great laugh and a funny quip no matter how prickly the situation – she was admired for her wit and her particular twist of thought.  We will truly miss her contribution to our lives.  Erica, LOVE YOU, MEAN IT!

YIKES!  ERICA ANN EREKSON has left the building…

A Celebration of Life will be held for Erica at Starks Funeral Parlor, 3651 South 900 East, Salt Lake City, Utah, 84106 on Saturday, January 8, 2022 from 5:00 to 7:00 p.m.  Masks mandatory.