Ismael Ontiveros

June 1, 1982 - April 21, 2024
Ismael Ontiveros
Service Date:
Saturday, May 4, 2024 11:00 AM
Service Location:

St. Vincent de Paul Catholic Church

1375 East Spring Lane, Holladay, Utah

In Loving Memory

I'm so sorry for your family's sudden loss. I didn't know Ish for very long but it was easy to see that his heart was huge and his loyalty fierce. In the short time I knew him I always looked forward to running into him out on them streets. I know he wanted better than what we were out there doing and I damn sure know it wasn't gonna be too long till he got shit figured out and was able to rise above the bullshit. I will fight that fight and keep your memory on my mind while knowing that you would have been good at that just like you were good at everything  else you chose to do in the little time I got to know you. I absolutely know you are missed greatly out there. Via con dios my friend, I hope to run into you in the next life. Goodbye ISH.

Casey Adams
s.l.c, UT

God izzy it seems is if this is a bad dream bro my heart is broke �� �� I no it might seem selfish of me but I was not ready for you to go so much was unsaid like I love bro and I'm sorry . I know your up there looking over us all wishing the same thing ! We had so many good time like us playing football out in the street on Roberta Street or us walking to school every day for many years us riding bikes . Or even when you got your first car I can remember how proud you were God bro I miss you or even when we made are first song together it's crazy bro because even your mom remembered that we were on point to well brother until we meet again izzy I love you and you touched so many people just so you know God needed another angel that's why he chose you . Love you To To

Daniel harmon. Willow
millcreek, UT
  1. Ismael ,I miss you calling me each morning telling me how much you loved me I miss you telling me that I was going to be ok I will hold you in my heart forever.iam glad you came over that day and we visited and your last words to me were mom I love you . I remember when you were a baby how you were my super baby you were there to take care of your sisters we all miss your your big smile and how you loved being with your family there are so many things I need to say to you until we meet again I love you ismael
Amelia O pasillas
wvc, UT

I don't have the words to express the sadness I feel. You were always a great friend and a solid man. You will be missed by all the people your life has touched. I give my deepest condolences to his family and loved ones. If there's anything I can do to help out please get in touch. 

taylorsville , UT

Izzy I'm always going to miss you my brother, you are and always have been more than a friend or homie we are brothers. I always loved to see you because I know the shit talking was bout to start, Fuck it was always fun just talking to you and I know you felt the same way too. Man I'm lucky to have had you in my life and in the life of Irene and MO's and Gab's. You were an amazing man and a wonderful person who made a difference in our lives more than you'll ever know. I miss you very much and hope that you have finally found happiness and peace in your next chapter because you deserve it and I know I'll see again someday. Keep cracking those jokes and spitting those raps my brother much love now and always.




Love Ya My Ninja 

Reilly israelsson
millcreek, UT

Izzy we were neighbor on Roberta street. That where we grew up together. We were down stairs neighbors. It was alway you and the boys (Daniel, and Antonio) I'd be sitting on the stairs you guys would come home always asking how I was. You told me you'd always be there if someone messed with me. I will miss you Izzy! Rest in peace Izzy! 

Alberta Ruiz
albuquerque, NM

Izzy, thank you for giving me such a beautiful, special, granddaughter, Destany.  I love her dearly and she has been such a blessing in my life. May you rest in peace. And to Destany, Xander, and Izzy's family, my thoughts and prayers are with you all at this difficult time. May you all find peace and comfort and keep Izzy close at heart.

Charmaine Christy
west jordan, UT

I miss you more and more with each passing minute. My dad was the most amazing, funny, passionate, and talented man. Anytime we sat in the studio with eachother recording music I felt at home. I never felt more like myself than when I was with my dad. He brought all my good qualities out. I miss my dads hugs, I miss the way my dad would kiss me on the head and cheek, I miss the way my dad would tell me he's proud of me and I'm doing an amazing job with the baby. I'll never forget all the memories I have with my dad. I remember being 4 years old,sleeping over at grandmas and dad was asleep in his room. Dad got me a princess bed that folded into a couch, I was asleep on my princess bed and I woke up before anyone. I picked up my bed, put it on dads and I went right to sleep with him. He laughed at me tucked me in, and we went to sleep. I remember dad showing me how to eat a sunflower seed when I was 5. 
all my dad cared about was his family. My dad always talked about how important family was, how it was the only thing that mattered. I miss you so much dad. I'll never be the same without you.  I miss you so much. I love you. I hope you're resting in peace. I'll pray to you everyday for the rest of my life! I promise to keep your name living, to continue to make you proud, and I promise you dad I'll never stop making music until I make it. For you. Everything I do will be for you and the baby. I love you dad I miss you so much. I hurt without you, but I know you're in a better place. I love you dad. 

Destany Ontiveros
kearns , UT

I wish you were still here we had good times and bad times but you were always there for me especially when we were kids I'll never forget you now you can finally rest in peace please give my son a kiss and tell him I love him love you brother 

Irene pasillas
wvc, UT

Too many moons brotha! But we'll meet again, til then fly high and keep an eye over us now an than! One love, rest easy my freind...always. 

   Lincoln Fams!

Vaiola Tenifa
phoenix , AZ

My brother you will be missed you touched my hart in so many ways I will always miss that beautiful smile and us just doing what brothers do my God be with you and you rest in peace �� I love you izzy .

Daniel Harmon
millcreek, UT

Sorry for you're loss he will be missed i send my deepest condolences to you and the family may he RIP BIG HOMIE Izzy 

James Stephens AKA JJ
cimarron, NM