Richard 'Dick' C. Romano

March 11, 1945 - June 9, 2022

In Loving Memory

As a child growing up we would spend many a weekends at the Romano's house and one thing for sure, the beer and wine was always flowing with Neil Diamond or Elvis Presley blairing on the record player. One weekend I stayed the night with Rich and in the morning Janet made us breakfast and let us sneak a cup of coffee in at the age of five. Dick came in and told us if we keep drinking coffee it would leave a black stain on our stomachs . So the next time I stayed over during the night Dick placed black shoe polish on mine and Rich's stomach. I think I cried for a week!!

Michael Ross Caputo
west valley , UT

Sending our warmest regards to the "entire" Romano family.

Love, Maggie Aloia & family

Maggie Aloia
salt lake city, UT

Janet, and family,

Just heard about Dick.  Lots of good memories started kicking in.  Lots of good times together, lots of laughter, good eats, and just good friends!

Lots of love,

Lou Nishio Shingleton

Lou Nishio Shingleton
south jordan, UT

Rich and Carrie,

Thinking of you both and sending you my condolences for the loss of your father.

With sincere sympathy.


Sandra Steinvoort
salt lake city, UT

Dear Janet and family,

We were saddened to read the passing of Dick and the health struggles he has endured for the last 7 years.

I remember the fun times at your home playing sport court. You and Dick were always kind, gracious and made us feel welcomed and loved.

I remember one evening having dinner  with your family.  As I recall Dick cooked a delicious prime rib. There was fresh horseradish on the table.  Not knowing how strong it was, Dick put a heaping tablespoon on his meat. His face went bright red and we thought he was going to choke to death.  Everyone had a good laugh at Dick's expense. 

There was a time in my life I needed a listening ear. Both you and Dick provided comfort, love, and experienced advice.  Dick will be missed by this world. 

I will always treasure my friendship with the two of you.

God Bless, 

Gordon and Candy Flitton 

Gordon and Candy Flitton
salt lake city, UT

I was just telling my mom the other day how much I will always cherish the memories of those weekends you'd have me and my cousin over for sleepovers when we were young. Man you'd spoil us to pieces with all the food you'd have laid out for breakfast  (you introduced me to powdered donuts) and the places you'd take us for ice cream or to the movies... i remember always holding my breath until those car rides were over, haha, but hey we sure did make great timing :) I have to say that my most favorite is when you'd sit down on the carpet and play Barbie's with us.
 So many memeories of holidays at your home that I will always reminisce!  
Love you Uncle Dick

Ashley Romano

Susan met Janet Romano in about 1981 when she took a new job where Janet worked.  They quickly became fast friends and we were soon family.  We shared their love of their kids and after getting married in 1982 started our family.  Our kids grew up as honorary Romanos.  Dick initiated our love of Lake Powell with our first trip together in 1982 just before our honeymoon.  He was full of fun and hospitality.

Over the years we shared Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday dinners together almost every year.  He was a great host and always a great friend to us, no matter the time of day or the need.  Dick was there if Susan needed anything while I was away. 

The many fond memories cascade and blend but forty years are full of them.  A special trip to Italy stands out.  We walked the streets of Rome together, we shared the delight of beautiful Sorento.  Dick treasured his early morning visits to the churches and cathedrals along the way.  Dick was so thrilled to visit his ancestral home he engaged us with his enthusiasm and energy.  We all felt blessed when it turned out so well.  I will always remember him so.

Losing him has been a sad end of progress down a painful road for him and for all of us over the last few years.

The world is different without him.  God will keep him now.


Robert & Susan Kimsey Family
millcreek, UT