Lynda P. Faldmo

March 23, 1949 - May 26, 2022
Lynda P. Faldmo

In Loving Memory

we were so sad �� to hear of your beautiful wifes passing!! We loved �� having you both at the golf ⛳️ course and know how much you both are loved!!! I hope that you Duane will continue to come--may you feel Gods love and ours also!!

Jolene and Julie —fore lakes
taylorsville, UT

RIP Lynda and our condolences to Rich and his family. Lynda was always polite and kind to us.

John and Susan Hunter
sequim, WA

Duane, Lara & Rich,

Lynda moved next door to my family on Bryan Avenue when I was in my teens. We immediately became friends no "Best Friends". She was so loving and her door was always open. She had a small round table in her kitchen which we used for studying. I was studying for my high school classes and Lynda was studying to get her nursing degree. Her drive, compassion and love were overwhelming. She always led me & others down the right path. She knew where I was in life each day and she was able to steer me in the right direction. We loved to golf, go to dinner and just talk about anything and everything.

"Lynda you will be forever missed"

Jeanie Gamble Underwood

Scottsdale, AZ

Jeanie Gamble Underwood
phoenix, AZ

I am so very sorry to hear about the loss of such a great person. I worked with Lynda at the University and was witness to her kind and caring nature. She was very passionate about providing a safe place for our patients and support for our providers. 

My thoughts are with all of you and my heartfelt appreciation for sharing her with all of us. 

Tonya Edvalson
eagle mountain, UT

Dear Duane,

I was deeply saddened to see Linda's obituary and her passing! My thoughts and prayers are with you and her family as you mourn your loss! You and Linda were not only patrons of Forest Dale Golf Course, we became friends over the years as you were Saturday and Sunday morning regulars! Linda was always so generous with her hugs and compliments and was genuinely interested about others! You two were meant for each other and just enjoyed being together at the course.

I enjoyed watching the video of Linda's beautifully done tribute to her accomplishments and life well lived. I had no idea she pursued a law degree putting it to good use in defending the medical providers at the University of Utah Medical Center.

May God bless and comfort you! Linda set a good example for us all to follow and will not be forgotten!

John Burbidge
waco, TX

The last time I saw my cousin Lynda was at my aunt Janet's funeral in Salt Lake a number of year's ago. We had dinner together and talked and talked. Because I lived in California and now Oregon, I saw her infrequently, but when I did it was like we were best friends. She had a warm, caring personality that I will never forget. She was a super achiever but completely down to earth. I will miss her and think of her always.

Sharon Bywater
ashland, OR

I've never gotten to know Lynda as well as I would have liked  because my father, her uncle Bob, left Salt Lake to attend the Naval Academy. We lived in faraway Arlington, Viginia until he retired. But when I got to spend time with her, she was so warm and supportive that I immediately loved her. I very much admired her commitment to those she cared for in the burn unit at her hospital to the point that she studied law and became a lawyer to help defend the hospital against lawsuits. She will remain in our hearts forever. Please accept my sincerest condolances. 

Virginia Mariposa
santa barbara, CA

Uncle Duane and Rich,

I cannot express my sorrow at you both losing Linda.  I only met Linda the one time but she was delightful and I really liked her a lot.  

I have a committment on Saturday that I can't get out of so I won't be able to join you to celebrate her life but know my thoughts will be with you that day.

Rich, you will always be my step cousin in law, see you at work.   


Jennifer L Hansen
slc, UT

Lynda was my first nurse manager at the U of U Burn Center. She holds a very special place in my heart. She believed in me as a new grad and constantly was loving and encouraging. She laughed with us, cried with us, ran with us when someone needed held and was always there to give you a hug when needed. She was one of the best and I was blessed the day she hired me and was blessed to have worked with her. Godspeed Lynda! Love ya��

Shelly Lehto
idaho falls, ID

Dear Duane, Rich, Tammy, Lara, Ron, Abrah, and Noah,

I cannot even begin to describe how very sad I am. My heart hurts so much. I am so happy that I found Lynda and that she is my sister. Finding her was one of the best things that ever happened to me.  This sounds way too hippie, I suppose, but I have to admit that I do believe there are certain paths in life that one has to follow. I don't want to believe this, but I do believe that the universe sometimes directs where we are to go.  I loved her so much.  She was beautiful and kind and compassionate and so smart and accomplished.  She had such drive and drive toward the good.  I could not have asked for a better sister.  I just wish I would have had her for longer. My thoughts are with you in your grief.  She was such a special person. I will miss her intensely. Love, Michelle

Michelle Pell
apo, AP


I am truly heartbroken to learn of Lynda's passing. She was my mentor and friend for many years and leaves a huge void in my heart. I know you, her kids and grandchildren are hearbroken as well. You are all in my thoughts and prayers. 

Gretchen Ratzlaff
portland, OR