Rachel Ann Talbot

November 23, 1976 - April 17, 2022
Rachel Ann Talbot

In Loving Memory

Dear Rachel, 

although we lost touch many years ago, I would often think of you and hoped that you were ok. I hope you are at peace and know that your family loves you very much and they miss you. You were one of very few people from Kearns that showed up to my brother's services when he passed away and for that, I have mad love for you, for you showed what a true friend you were. When you see him up there, tell him I miss him. I'll see you when my number gets called. 


Luis Argueta
west jordan, UT

Amigee, so sorry for your loss. Hugs for you and your familia. 


Ray, I have been trying to find the words to say goodbye. I don't have them. I don't want to have them..but I have to. I'm sorry that our lives and paths went different ways. I know there was  alot of bad but I choose to remember the good and the love. I will always remember you having 5,000 conversations at one time. I will never forget the stress of having to clean your house at the very last minute just to make sure we could go dance at BJs (cause for whatever reason you never asked in advance ��). Eventhough we grew apart, when we did talk it was like we never skipped a beat and always found a way to laugh. You are my sister and I will always love you. May you rest in peace my friend.


kimberly ford
rio rancho, NM

Rachel - We were sisters from different Misters, and your family is my second family. We had so many great memories from when we were little, dance class, BBq's, our dads watching the fights and us playing all night.

I prayed for you, more than you know, or maybe you did know, unanswered questions is all we are left with. I hope you know how amazing your mom and Angela are, and have been with Selena and Charlie. The unconditional love they have shown and given is indescribable. One day, I hope you see that all they wanted, what we all wanted, was for you to find peace and to hear your amazing laugh again.

Until we can laugh together again, I will carry the happy memories with me. I am sure my dad was there to meet you, with a big hug and smile. I bet he may have squeezed you a little harder for joining them too soon!  Either way squeeze him back for me - and your dad too they left us too soon.  

Melanie Sumner
eagle mountain, UT

   To My daughter, and part of my broken heart. I don't know what happened to us, they say girls stay close to their mothers but it wasn't the case in our relationship. As I write this I can only hope that you felt my touch on your hands, the kisses all over your face and me as a mother making sure you were totally intact.... ten fingers, ten toes and hopefully at peace which I couldn't see but only prayed for. I do know you had a kind heart I saw it in your face.           In the past twenty plus years I've had to come to terms that I couldn't save you so I gave up. I have learned to be okay with not knowing your side of the story, it's over and you have nothing to prove to anyone, nor do I. No matter what happened between us, no one will ever know the truth because we were too hard headed to admit if we were wrong, lets call it a character flaw. I will accept what is, let go of what was, and have faith in what will be............I did, and always will LOVE YOU!!!!  Give hugs and kisses to everyone, Gma, Gpa, Charlie and DAD, I am sure he was there to meet you.

   Till we meet again,                                                                 Mom

slc, UT


I have played this day out several different times and several different ways. I was always hoping one day you'd turn your life around and we could talk again. I never wanted our relationship to be like it was. I tried so hard to help you. The only thing I could do for you was take care of your kids so they didn't witness what you were doing to yourself. I'm sorry we didn't have more time together but I couldn't watch you destroy yourself. I always thought of you and wished you were doing well. I will always remember the good times we had together before you chose a different path. Goodbye for now and I love you. 


Angela Ulibarri
west jordan, UT

Regardless of what you might've thought. I did think about you. Hoping one day that you would turn your life around and be a great sister again. You chose a path in life that was extremely dangerous and upsetting to all in the family. I would've liked to at least see and hear you one last time. I wanted to reach out a number of different times but just couldn't do it. You're square with the house now you paid the ultimate price. Judging by the last picture I seen of you you were not happy with your decisions either. I hope you rest in peace if you do get to see dad tell him hello. Watch over Charlie if you can. Love you sis. 


maricopa , AR