Daniel E. Herweg

February 8, 1987 - January 9, 2022
Daniel E. Herweg

In Loving Memory

Daniel was an amazing friend I've known him since I was 14 and we grew the entire time we known eachother we have so many good memories together and I will forever cherish those memories, my favorite memory of us was when you would always come and visit me in Bosque farms and you would always bring me a poem written by you, or the time we drove up to the crest bumping music, I'm going to miss you so much and all the fun happy times we've had together, always yours

                            Love truly 

                           Winter Beautiful soul

Winter Hoffert
durango, CO

Daniel was a great guy! I have many memories with him in ROTC. He was always so funny, always seemed happy. He will be dearly missed. I am so sorry we didnt keep in touch after school. He was always so nice to me and to everyone in school. 

Bobby Lee
austell, GA

My deepest condolences. 

Daniel was one of my best friends, he protrcted me from bullies all through middle school and high school. Though we didnt get to see one another much after highschool he was the one person I could talk to about anything for the last 22 years. When we hit a wall in life we would call each other out on mistakes and embrace our successes. I cheered him on in the background as much as he cheered me on. I will never forget him. If it wasn't for Stacie bringing him back to us 2 years ago I never would have seen my friend again. 

I love you Daniel! My friend my brother. Thank you for seeing me when I was invisible. 


Angelins Bachert
albuquerque, NM